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Bella Hadid Shares the Key to the Closeness with Her Sister Gigi in Her First TV Interview

On Monday, model and Orebella founder Bella Hadid gave her first TV interview as she sat down with Drew Barrymore on her talk show.

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Having returned to the spotlight with her new fragrance brand Orebella, Bella Hadid recently made an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show for her first TV interview. The part-Palestinian model sat down with the actor for a heartfelt conversation about her personal life, including how her relationship with sister Gigi Hadid has evolved.

Reflecting on their bond, the model shared what she believes is the key to their closeness as sisters, despite their differences. “Well, it’s inevitable to fight, but it’s always to know that you’re gonna come back from it,” the 27-year-old told Barrymore. “And I think that is what’s so important about my sister and I going through life.” Hadid also looked back on their childhood and the “regular sister stuff” they grew up to. “We’re best friends and have regular sister stuff, like stealing clothes, getting the front seat, you know, like, what music are we gonna listen to?” the model said. “She was a Swiftie. I love Lil Wayne. That was really hard for the school drives. You know what I mean? But now I can say I’m a Swiftie too.”

The Kin Euphorics co-founder also went on to talk about her experience as a people-pleaser, which continues to impact her work life. “My agents get so mad at me because I’ll be there till midnight on a campaign job where they’re like, ‘You’re supposed to be here for eight hours’, but I’m like, ‘We didn’t get all the pictures,’ and they say ‘Yeah, but you shot 10 more pictures than you should’ve shot,'” Hadid said. She added that her response goes, “But they needed that, and if I leave —it’s the same way if a makeup artist or head of production leaves—it takes an entire 50 people group to put a production together. I’m not the most important person in the room, and if the job’s not done, the job’s not done.”

Barrymore and Hadid continued to talk about their struggles with people-pleasing, with the actor sharing that it is necessary to fill one’s own cup. “It’s not just to have the cup full, it’s what the cup full of,” said Barrymore, to which Hadid replied, “Absolutely, yes. Our people-pleaser wants to be like, full cup for you, and for everyone else, but it’s a full cup for ourselves.”

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