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Bella Hadid’s Love for Palestine Has Now Been Preserved Through This Painting

An oil painting by Jamal Badwan honoring Bella Hadid’s Love for Palestine. Photo:

Palestinian-Dutch model Bella Hadid has often been vocal when it comes to Palestine-related conversations on her social media platform. Recently, her voice was also echoed by father Mohamed Hadid, who publicly refers to her as the “Princess of Nazareth”. This time, her love for Palestine has been marked by an oil painting by Palestinian artist Jamal Badwan.

Jamal Badwan honored Hadid’s dedication to the cause by creating a stunning painting of the model dressed in the traditional Palestinian thobe, and Mohamed Hadid was quick to share the art piece on his personal Instagram page with the caption, “Portrait Painting by the Palestinian artist @jamal_badwan_artist in support of her Unwavering support of the Palestinian resistance .. we are all Bella Hadid @bellahadid”.  The black thobe Hadid is seen wearing in the piece stood out for its traditional red embroidery, also known as ‘tatreez’. The re-creation of the model was backdropped with a visual representation of an old village house, destroyed by bullet holes and cracks.

This is not the first tribute Jamal Badwan has presented to his home country. In fact, each of his works carries the essence of Palestine and its modern day struggles in some form or another. Be it by portraits of the elderly in their traditional wear, or abstract art, the artist seems to have a knack for bringing out an emotional response through his brushstrokes. Six years ago, Badwan also entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest painting in the world, which he hung near the Church of Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

A heartfelt message shared by Bella Hadid for her father’s birthday

The world has seen Bella Hadid lead online dialogues on more than one occasion on the current situation of her home country. The model has also often been seen celebrating her roots by tapping into Palestine’s culinary world. Two years ago, she shared a heartfelt tribute for her father on his birthday, expressing her love for Palestinian flavors. “I love learning how to cook Palestinian food with you,” Hadid wrote in the caption. “Thank you for teaching me about our culture. I love Palestine and you so much, Your roots will forever be intertwined within our family line. It’s my favorite part about us.”

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