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This Restaurant is a Slice of Levant Hidden in the Streets of Paris

From dream to reality, Becky’s on 74 Rue Claude Bernard, Paris is a testament to following your love for your favorite meal, which in this case is Lebanese man’ouché.


Photo: Courtesy of Becky’s

Lebanese entrepreneur Victoria Yazbeck and her brother Georges Yazbeck’s longing for Lebanese flavors led to the start of the venture. According to Victoria,  their culinary escapade began with a craving for man’ouché. In conversation with her brother, Victoria shared, “I’m craving man’ouché Zaatar, in a place that feels like home,” to which Georges responded, “Let’s open a Lebanese bakery.” And the rest was history.


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With a master’s degree in financial analysis and being a program manager at Amazon, Victoria’s skills were lacking and needed improvement to succeed in the business, she says. On a short vacation to Lebanon, she immersed herself in the world of baking and learning the craft. “Every morning, I woke up at 6am to visit bakeries, determined to learn everything I could. Even though I had no clue if this project would ever see the light of day, it was the next step that needed to be done.”

With help from their family, the sibling duo worked tirelessly to bring the concept to life. Victoria shares that on the first day, she was the only employee and had to take on multiple roles including cashier, preparing orders, and more. “With less than 1K€ in the bank, we couldn’t afford any risks. My family helped after their work, and slowly, Becky’s began to grow,” the entrepreneur stated.

The menu includes a variety of heartfelt tributes to the daily and comfort foods. “It’s about sharing the traditions and flavors we grew up with, making every bite a taste of our daily life back in Lebanon,” says Victoria. This includes a range of man’ouché, and the signature and most-loved zaatar and cheese man’ouché aka the “superstar” of the menu according to the entrepreneur. Other items on the menu include Lebanese-inspired wraps that capture the flavors of Levant through its flavours like the basil sauce, paired with garlic dip, and the quintessential soujouk—an ode to late nights on Lebanese streets. To complement the food items, Becky’s offers fresh lemonade akin to the one enjoyed in Batroun’s old souks heading to the beach. “One sip transports you to Lebanon’s vibrant seaside atmosphere,” she says

Victoria highlights, “This dream was bigger than us, we wanted to create something for Lebanese emigrants, who face a unique set of challenges.” Concluding with, “Through our food and hospitality, we hope to bridge the gap between their past and present, making the journey of rebuilding their lives a little bit easier. We want you to feel like family. Our cozy atmosphere and delicious Lebanese street food transport you back to the vibrant streets of Lebanon.”

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