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Part-Moroccan Directors of Batgirl React to the US $90 Million Dollar Film’s Cancellation

Adil El Arbi, Leslie Grace, and Billal Fallah. Photo:

The directors of the Batgirl film by HBO max are shocked and saddened after learning that the movie has been shelved i.e. will not be released on any platforms. The film was found to be deep into postproduction when the news was announced, however, the filmmakers were given a heads up before the news started to circulate elsewhere. The news reached director, Adil El Arbi, while he was celebrating his marriage, and came as a very unfortunate post-wedding gift. The director along with his colleague, Billal Fallah are a Muslim Morrocan-Belgian duo, known for their production of Bad Boys for Life.


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Batgirl was meant to star Latina actor Leslie Grace, famous for her appearance in the musical In The Heights, in the titular role alongside Michael Keaton, playing Batman.

The cancellation of the movie came as a shock, as it was highly anticipated and seen as one of the most intriguing DC productions yet. As the hype for the movie soared, it made it to Disney+ and Ms Marvel episodes while the mainstay man of Marvel, Kevin Feige also showed interest in finding spoilers from the film.


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While the directors, producers, and actors were saddened by the axing of the film, none expressed any bitterness on their social media platforms; instead their statements were full of positivity. On Wednesday night, Grace detailed that she was proud of all the hard work and love that was poured into the project by the incredible cast and tireless crew for over half a year in Scotland. “I feel blessed to have worked among absolute greats and forged relationships for a lifetime in the process,” she said.

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