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Why Hundreds of Dancers Held a Ballet Class in the Middle of Times Square

Protesting US TV Host Lara Spencer’s insensitive comments about Prince George‘s diversified curriculum, hundreds of ballet dancers gathered outside the Good Morning America studio in Times Square to that prove that boys can dance too.

The massive open-air ballet class was attended by 300 female and male dancers – some of them not much older than Prince George himself.

A video posted by Alex Wong, all-star of American dance show So You Think You Can Dance, showed a large group of dancers breaking into a flash-mob in solidarity.

The famed dancer wrote, “I almost didn’t start dancing when I was young – I constantly said ‘dancing is only for girls.’ It took 2 years for my parents to convince me and I’m so glad I did. I hope the next generation of boys don’t have to deal with the same type of bullying a lot of us had to deal with – we will not stand for it! #boysdancetoo.”

Spencer’s mockery of the six-year-old’s love for dance was not taken well in the dance community. Protestors outside Times Square were holding up signs that read, “I wish I’d started at 6,” “#METUTU – boys will be boys dancers,” and “Ballet For All!”

Dancers Samm Quinn and Charlie Williams organized the “Good Morning Ballet” protest. Replying to Spencer, Charlie wrote on Instagram, “Response wasn’t optional.”

What sparked the protests?

On Friday, the Good Morning America show aired a segment discussing the six-year-old royal’s school curriculum and activities, which included ballet lessons.

“In addition to the usual 1st or 2nd-grade things like Math, Science and History, the future king of England will be putting down the PlayDough to take on religious studies, computer programing, poetry and ballet among other things,” Spencer said on Good Morning America, as laughter filled the studio. “Prince William says George absolutely loves ballet. I have news for you Prince William, we’ll see how long that lasts.”

The internet was quick to call out Spencer for her “insensitive comments,” while some labeled them as “bullying” a boy for enjoying ballet.

Spencer later apologized on Instagram. “My sincere apologies for an insensitive comment I made in pop news yesterday,” she wrote. “From ballet to anything one wants to explore in life, I say GO FOR IT. I fully believe we should all be free to pursue our passions. Go climb your mountain – and love every minute of it.”

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