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Nadine Njeim, Kadim Al Sahir, Huda Kattan and More: 24 Never-Seen-Before Candid Pictures From Inside the Ball of Arabia 2021


Photo: Dazl Production

December 12, 2021 was a big night for Vogue Arabia, marking the second edition of the Ball of Arabia. This time around, we celebrated 50 years of the UAE with an all-gold ball that also spotlighted the cultural flavors of the region. Co-chaired by creative director and top business woman Ingie Chalhoub, beauty moguls Huda and Mona Kattan, actor Mona Zaki and couturier Zuhair Murad, Ball of Arabia 2021 was attended by some of the most illustrious names from the region, including royalty, celebrities and influencers. Among the guests were Nadine Nassib Njeim, Rym Saidi, Dorra Zarrouk, Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said, Lojain Omran, Nargis Fakhri, Rawdah Mohamed, Karen Wazen, and Ruba Zarour, to name a few.

As expected, red carpet pictures from the Ball of Arabia took over the internet like wild fire, and there was no missing the fact that Vogue Arabia’s guests brought their A-Game to the celebration, picking gorgeous statement-making gold ensembles by Arab designers. What most, however, are yet to see from the evening are the rare candid moments that took place behind closed doors. While Rym Saidi and husband Wissam Breidy shared a romantic moment before the dinner began, Karen Wazen and Dana Hourani got a chance to catch up on the lawns of Raffles The Palm Dubai and Farnoush Hamidian managed to took out some time to leaf through Vogue Arabia’s vibrant December 2021 issue between events. Supported by the General Women’s Union, the Guardians of Heritage painted the hands of guests with henna, and traditional Emirati singers had everyone swaying to the beat of their drums. Once inside the dining area, however, phones across the ballroom lit up when to capture legendary musician Kadim Al Sahir’s special musical performance.

The Ball of Arabia after-party was among the many highlights of the evening, and saw Mona Zaki—now dressed in a playful gold cut-out dress—celebrating with Nadine Nassib Njeim, while Rawdah Mohamed joined the bash in an edgy chain-detailed look. Can’t wait for more inside moments? Start scrolling to check out the most exciting candid shots from the unforgettable night.


Mona Zaki and Rym Saidi. Photo: Dazl Production


Sisters Andrea and Karen Wazen arrive at the hotel. Photo: Dazl Production


Rawdah Mohamed. Photo: Dazl Production


Manuel Arnaut and Mona Zaki arrive at Raffles The Palm Dubai together. Photo: Dazl Production


Shashi Menon greets the guests on stage. Photo: Dazl Production


Guardians of Heritage, supported by the General Women’s Union. Photo: Dazl Production


Kadim Al Sahir on stage. Photo: Dazl Production


Jessica Kahawaty and Dana Hourani take a selfie. Photo: Dazl Production. Photo: Dazl Production


Wissam Breidy and Rym Saidi. Photo: Dazl Production


Ruba Zarour. Photo: Dazl Production


Patrick Chalhoub, Karen Wazen, Mona Kattan, Ingie Chalhoub, Manuel Arnaut and Huda Kattan. Photo: Dazl Production


A musical welcome. Photo: Dazl Production


Zainab Al-Eqabi, Salama and Khalid Al Ameri, and Sarah Alagroobi. Photo: Dazl Production


Farah Abdelaziz and Nadine Abdelaziz. Photo: Dazl Production


Miryam Labiad and Rym Saidi. Photo: Dazl Production


Farnoush Hamidian. Photo: Dazl Production. Photo: Dazl Production


Kadim Al Sahir had the whole ballroom clapping along. Photo: Dazl Production


Miriam Abadi. Photo: Dazl Production


Nadine Nassib Njeim and Mona Zaki. Photo: Dazl Production


Ola Farahat. Photo: Dazl Production


Rana Hatem. Photo: Dazl Production


Mona Zaki. Photo: Dazl Production


Traditional beats took over the hotel. Photo: Dazl Production


Manuel Arnaut makes a heartfelt speech. Photo: Dazl Production

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