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AURA Living Presents: A Ramadan of Elegance and Cultural Depth

As the sacred month of Ramadan approaches, aura Living, a beacon of modern lifestyle and home fashion, announces the launch of its exquisite Ramadan 2024 collection, set to grace all its stores and in KSA and UAE.

The Ramadan collection by aura Living unveils two bespoke dinnerware sets alongside an array of decorative accessories and thoughtful gifting options. With a refined color palette blending rich jewel tones, gold accents, marble, and wood, each piece embodies a modern reinterpretation of traditional design, offering a sophisticated and contemporary approach to interior decor.

Mia: A Masterpiece of Modernity

The Mia dinnerware collection, a collaboration with the talented designer Sandy Kurt, stands as a testament to artistic fusion. Featuring arabesque geometric patterns with a gradient technique, these designs in rich plum and smoky gray tones add depth and sophistication to the table, captivating with their subtle faded effect.

Yasmin & Estelle: An Ode to History and Artistry

Inspired by the ancient sundials showcased at the Astrobe exhibition during the Islamic Art Biennale in Saudi Arabia, the Yasmin & Estelle dinnerware collection intertwines artistry and history. Reimagined and skillfully incorporated into porcelain dinnerware and metal tabletop items, each piece exudes a timeless elegance rooted in cultural heritage.

Jenaih Coin Collection: A Touch of Royalty

The best-selling Jenaih coin collection returns with an expanded product range, offering striking, functional dinnerware and accessories. Reimagining the intricate designs of notable coins from King Abdul Aziz al Saud’s rule, each piece adds a one-of-a-kind artistic touch to the modern table setting.

Pearl Inlay: Timeless Elegance

Embodying the cultural significance of pearls, the Pearl Inlay collection presents a curated selection of accessories blending traditional elegance with contemporary design. The mesmerizing play of light and sophistication on trays and platters reflects the timeless allure of pearls, fostering an ambiance of togetherness and gracious hospitality.

Expanding Horizons of Functionality

Innovative accessories and decorative elements enrich the collection, including meticulously crafted lanterns, exquisite ornaments, and an array of candle holders and hanging decorations, each a testament to aura Living’s commitment to innovation and style.

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