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5 Audiobooks to Give You Company in Quarantine

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Once you have watched that last episode of that new TV show on Netflix and scrolled down hundreds of Instagram posts for the day, it’s time to get down to business. If you are tired of endlessly searching for something to watch and are too lazy to “pick up” a book – audiobooks could be your next best friend. Not only are they usually narrated by a celebrity or the author themselves, but they are also a great passive downtime activity for those who have the attention span of a goldfish. Audiobooks are calming to listen to and can be heard while cooking or cleaning the house – which, let’s face it, takes up most of our days in quarantine. Here are some of our top audiobook recommendations for the multitasking, working from home, self-isolator:

Mythos – The Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry

A master of fiction and wonder, Stephen fry brings you greek mythology for the 21st-century reader (or shall we say listener) with a side of wit. The book is full of fascinating stories from Zeus to Athena and everything in between brought to you alongside some good old Stephen Fry commentary. You won’t be disappointed.

The Mirror & The Light by Hilary Mantel

The long-awaited third and final installment from the Wolf Hall trilogy – is about a blacksmith’s son in Putney who became King Henry VIII’s right-hand man. The opening scene, which famously opens with a beheading leads to an 11-hour 39-minute audiobook adapted into 30-minute episodes. Eight years after the second book in the trilogy was published, Hilary Mantel’s well-received historical fiction makes a burst into the audiobook scene and it is something of a masterpiece.

The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

What better time than now – when we are staying home, with a lot of the commute to work time on our hands – than to revisit this absolute classic. Not only are they a healthy dose of nostalgia but these books have the power to transport us to the dark and mysterious alleyways from the famous series.

The Body by Bill Bryson

As always, Bill Bryson is entertaining as he is informative, as he takes us through the functions of the human body and its remarkable abilities to heal. In a time of a global health crisis, when we are all left doubting our own bodies and it’s capacity to survive – this book is the perfect antidote to fear. And boredom.

This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay

Written by junior doctor turned comedian Adam Kay, this book is a diary of life on the frontlines with the NHS – the chaos, camaraderie, and compassion of it. This hilarious and heartbreaking first-person account of a young doctor on and off the hospital ward gives us a glimpse of the difficult and challenging lives of healthcare professionals on the frontlines today.

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