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This Book About Mosques Needs to Be on Your Coffee Table

Courtesy of Assouline

This Ramadan, the publishing house of Assouline will be launching a new book titled, “Mosques: The 100 Most Iconic Islamic Houses of Worship“. Known for the luxurious and collectible nature of its coffee table books on a range of topics like fashion, design, arts, culture, and travel, Assouline will be adding Mosques to its Ultimate Collection series.

The book celebrates the architectural magnificence of the house of worshippers belonging to the fastest growing, second largest religion in the world, Islam. It features 100 of the world’s most historically significant mosques along with facts about them and the history of mosques in the Arab world interspersed with poems by Kahlil Gibran. The text in the book is written by Bernard O’Kane who is the professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo where he has been teaching since 1980.

The handcrafted volume of the book is encased in silk luxury clamshell with over 100 illustrations on 232 pages. The book will be priced at AED 3,250 and be available to purchase from Maison Assouline located in The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue.

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