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Ask the Specialist: Vogue Arabia’s New Video Series Let’s You Get Advice From the Best in the Business

What are the top tips to making a strong social media page? What should one keep in mind when hosting a pre-wedding bash? What are the key pillars to great skin? Ask the Specialist, Vogue Arabia’s brand new video series, let’s you share your biggest queries with professionals, experts, and influencers in the business.



Over the years, Vogue Arabia’s many special features, both online and in print, have connected the publication with incredible talents from the region and beyond, spanning from fashion and events, to beauty, mental health, food and more.

Now, we’re giving our readers a chance to access some of the most inspiring and influential individuals on our radar, and help create a conversation where you can ask our expert anything you’d like to in their sphere of expertise. On the list are the likes of Saudi cosmetology and dermatology expert Dr Abdullah AlRashed, acne nutritionist Maria Marlowe, owner of Roar Design Pallavi Dean, clinical psychologist and founder of Lighthouse Dr. Saliha Afridi, and cosmetic dermatologist Dr Shawana Vali.

Each week, Vogue Arabia will take to its Instagram stories to announce the expert in its hot seat, giving you the opportunity to share your questions directly on Instagram using the “Ask me anything” sticker. Share your queries — and don’t be shy. Followers are welcome to share as many questions as they please. Once collected, Team Vogue Arabia will select a handful of questions, which the expert will then answer on video in a matter of days.

To kick things off, this week’s Ask the Specialist session will focus on Dr Abdullah AlRashed, the medical star who specializes in laser treatments and skin diseases. Between the next few days, Dr AlRashed will be open to sharing his top tricks and tips to looking your best. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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