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A New Entertainment Venue in Dubai and Major Cities Will Uplift Local Musicians

Photo: Courtesy of Anghami

Arab music streaming platform Anghami has announced the launch of an innovative entertainment venue. Named Anghami Lab, it will have its first location in Dubai, followed by venues in Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Beirut, Abu Dhabi and other major cities such as London, New York, and Los Angeles. The venue will combine both online and offline worlds, bridging digital and traditional entertainment to users. Anghami has partnered with Addmind, the region’s market leader in hospitality, to launch the new concept in Dubai set to open in early 2022.

Featuring a lounge, stage, and studio where creators can experiment by co-creating music inspired by both Arabic and international cultures to be performed in the venue, the resulting music will be made available exclusively on the Anghami platform.

The app features licensed content from leading Arab labels and distributors, along with music from international labels, including Sony, Universal and Warner. The service, available in English, Arabic and French, has 70 million users and a catalogue of more than 57 million songs.

“We are excited to partner with Addmind to create this unique, transformational experience for our users. Addmind is a leading expert in conceptualizing and operating hospitality spaces, and this is a great opportunity to further reinforce the value we provide digitally to be converged offline in a unique user-to-guest experience,” said Eddy Maroun, co-founder and CEO of Anghami.

Tony Habre, CEO of Addmind, said, “Anghami is more than just a streaming platform, they have elevated the value of the music industry in the Middle East as a whole – Anghami Lab is an amazing and unique concept that embodies our rich Arab culture with an international twist – which we are thrilled to bring to fruition and scale.”

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