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“Change has long been overdue” — Amal Clooney Speaks About the Lebanese Revolution

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Amal Clooney. Photo: Getty

A vast majority of celebrities who call Lebanon home have spoken about the revolution which reached its 20th day on November 5. The latest renowned personality to join them in support is Lebanese-British barrister, Amal Clooney. The international human rights lawyer recently vocalized her opinion in a heart-touching yet inspiring essay titled, ‘A moment of hope for Lebanon’ published by the An-Nahar newspaper’s English version online.

Clooney began the essay with a personal story explaining the meaning behind her name, “When I was born in Lebanon, my parents named me Amal – meaning ‘hope’ – as they wished for better days in their war-torn country. That was more than four decades ago, and I have never had greater hope for my country of birth than I do today.

“Because for the first time, I see people rallying around an idea, instead of a religion, party or sect.”

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She added: “I watch a united population espouse a common vision for change based on dignity and equal opportunity. I hear excitement in the voice of my father, whose love for his country is palpable to anyone who knows him. And emotion in the voice of my brother, cousins and friends who have taken to the streets and report that ‘all of Lebanon is there’.”

She went on to share that even though she has been to Lebanon many times, “it only takes one visit to observe the stark disconnect between the government’s performance and the country’s potential.” Clooney’s essay also included her recalling the time when she left New York 13 years ago to live in Lebanon for the first time since she was a child.

While concluding the essay, she expressed her pride by saying, “I watch proudly as Lebanon’s youth lead the charge to build a better country; and women show their determination to be catalysts of change. As people chant together, dance, and link arms. Not just people from one community, one party, one sect; but all Lebanese, standing shoulder to shoulder to say enough is enough.”

Finally adding: “I believe we are witnessing a beautiful moment in the transformation of a beautiful country. There should be no going back.”

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