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AlUla Has Unveiled its 2022 Calendar Full of Events and a New Festival

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AlUla, Saudi Arabia has announced its 2022 lineup of key activities, events, and festivities to look forward to this winter. Starting fall, the city will welcome the return of the AlUla Wellness festival, Winter at Tantora, and Azimuth, the Kingdom’s first music festival, alongside a series of other exciting events.

There is also an exciting new addition to the calendar, the Ancient Kingdoms Festival, which seeks to reiterate  history in the future. Business-focused, the event will run from November 11 to November 27 with inspirations dating back to 7,000 years of successive civilizations on the Arabian Peninsula alongside the famed incense road trading route that cemented AlUla as the bustling commercial and cultural crossroad that it is today. The festival will also host immersive experiences in key heritage sites of the Kingdom including Hegra After Dark.


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The rejuvenating Wellness Festival is on its way to redefining health experiences and wellness activities as it takes innovative strides in AlUla, with a purpose-built spa alongside a fitness and wellness retreat for complete relaxation. The spa facilities will be carried by the world’s most talented practitioners, while uniting local talents of the Kingdom. This year’s Winter at Tantora festival, taking place between December 21 and January 21, will explore innovative dining, high fashion, immersive arts, and outdoor theatres, among many other exciting activities.

Moreover, the once intimate Azimuth festival is returning to the city with different styles of art exhibits, music, and food, and is also on it’s way to reimagining new perspectives for the September-October period. It will be held in a beautiful canyon setting, setting its focus on the changing seasons leading to new life.

The onset of this festival came at a fortunate time for AlUla, as the city sets up for being one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the Arab region. This festival also marks the first time that people from across the world have been officially invited to the historical cities of Saudi Arabia: Khayber, AlUla, and Tayma.

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