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Pictures: AlUla’s New Airport Terminal Will Accommodate 6 Million Passengers per Year

Photo: Unsplash

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expanding its AlUla International Airport, adding a new terminal that will allow the airport to accommodate 6 million passengers a year, as opposed to its current 400,000 passengers. With its second terminal, the airport will be growing by 2.4 million square metres and will be able to host 15 aircrafts.


The designs of this upcoming terminal were unveiled last week by officials from the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate at the Future Investment Initiative meeting. By the first glimpse that’s been shared with the world, it’s clear that the aesthetic of Terminal 2 is a fine blend between the ancient urban heritage of AlUla with its bright future, steeped in culture and innovation. Earthy hues and sprawling glass windows beautifully reflect the landscape of AlUla, creating the feeling of oneness between the environment and the new space.

According to reports, Terminal 2 at AlUla International Airport will also include a hotel and spa, and in the words of the Royal Commission for AlUla, “will be among the prominent projects that reflect the uniqueness and harmony of AlUla’s heritage, aligning with the identity of the province to highlight its cultural and environmental aspects.”

The reasoning behind the creation of Terminal 2 is Saudi Arabia’s projected popularity hike among travellers in the coming years. “The Royal Commission for AlUla is working to anticipate the expected growth of air traffic in AlUla as a global destination,” SPA revealed. After all, AlUla has recently become one of the most interesting spots to visit in the region. While its historical relevance has always been key, AlUla is now also becoming a favorite for international art exhibits and musical performances. This year alone, the destination is expecting to host about 30 million international travelers. The ultimate goal is to push this number up to 70 million by 2030.

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