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A Drive to Remember Through Iceland With The EQE by Mercedes-EQ

Photo: Courtesy Mercedes-Benz

Iceland’s dramatic landscapes make for quite the photogenic backdrop to drive against. Mercedes-Benz certainly thinks so, and for the launch of their new electric car, chose the island nation as the locale to hold test drives on. This medium-sized electric saloon is a quiet, exceedingly comfortable, and effortlessly swift car. The sporty, low, and slim front of the EQE by Mercedes-EQ forms a coupé-like silhouette. And its interior is a real high point. It’s very well-made, uses high-quality materials, and features some very comfortable seats. A floating center console separates the front seats, which come with standard heated and ventilated cushions.

Photo: Courtesy Mercedes-Benz

What was more surprising for a first-time electric car driver was its navigation. With electric intelligence, it plans the fastest and most convenient route – including charging stops – based on numerous factors and even a change in driving style. Also – not that we faced any in Iceland – the EQE by Mercedes-EQ reacts dynamically to traffic jams.

The intelligent driving support system of the car is quite remarkable. This system – included as standard – is able to recognize typical signs of drowsiness and driver inattention, and displays a warning message prompting them to take a break.

Photo: Courtesy Mercedes-Benz

With additional microsleep warning, the car is capable, using a camera in the driver display, to analyses the driver’s eyelid movement, and will stop the music and advise you to take a break. The microsleep warning function gets active from a speed of 20 km/h. And if you even yawn, it will advise the same by triggering a seat massage that will help you to stay awake. Trust me, I’ve experienced it.

Beside all these technicalities and innovations, driving the EQE by Mercedes-EQ on these never-ending roads of Iceland, enjoying the marvels of the earth, is an unforgettable experience. Driving character is really where the EQE by Mercedes-EQ stands on its own. While it can play the role of a super-plush luxury car, thanks to one of the best air suspension systems, it’s all about its ability to step into more of a sports car role. Swapping the drive mode from Comfort to Sport stiffens the suspension, making every corner more fun, yet it doesn’t become rocky or uncomfortable at any point.

The feeling of safety, smoothness, and steadiness while on a six-hour drive was quite unique. It only proved that it’s a (very) quiet, comfy, competent, and spacious car.

My first experience in the EQE by Mercedes-EQ left me recalibrating my senses. It started with a feeling of something unnatural, and ended up being ever so natural. For Mercedes lovers and loyal owners looking to up-green their ride, no other option will do.

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