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5 Ways to Turn Your Balcony into Your Personal Zen Garden

There’s no time quite like a long quarantine to make you realize the significance of a balcony or the lack thereof in your city apartment. Especially, when your only daily contact with the “outside world” is a cup of coffee on your balcony, resting against the railing, breathing in that morning air with a side of sunshine. Or that occasional afternoon stroll – for those lucky enough to have a spacious veranda. Either way, those of us who are blessed with this portal to the “outside world” can not only use it as a temporary spot for recharge and respite from our working desks but can also transform it into a little piece of our own private paradise. We list out five ways you can convert your veranda into your very own spot of Zen:

Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants have the magical ability to completely revamp any living space. And they are probably the best accessories to add to your balcony – with their indoor-outdoor quality. Do consider which plants would best suit your balcony depending on how much sunlight it receives and how direct the breeze is. Herbs are especially amazing for balconies – not only can you enjoy fresh, aromatic pickings, but most herbs remain relatively small, so are well-suited to containers. For sunny balconies, like in the Middle East, try growing thyme, sage, rosemary, and chives. Potted Monstera plants and some kinds of Palms are great for balconies too.

Add Rattan furniture for texture

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia. Its texture and lovely light brown color make for great furniture for the house. Adding a quirky rattan chair or table in the balcony will quickly lend it a relaxed, almost bohemian vibe to the space.

Light it up

A bright string of fairy-lights or a soft lamp in the corner would give your balcony a cozy, almost treehouse feel. Perfect for snuggling in your chair with a book and hot cocoa.

Add a rug or a throw

To elevate your balcony into a quiet, intimate nook – experiment with rugs and throws, for the furniture. A good fabric will complete the look and a nice rug will only add to the theme you’re trying to create.

Grow some fruits

Tomatoes are a versatile plant to grow on your terrace or veranda. They can be grown in many different types of containers like hanging baskets and thrive in the warm, sunny weather. Other suitable balcony crops include spring onions, lettuce and lemon plants. Not only will these plants provide fresh produce for your daily meals but they are also lovely to be surrounded by on your daily balcony breaks.

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