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5 Culinary Spots in Dubai Featuring Everything From Soulful Jazz To Underground Reggae

Soul Kitchen

All the way from Beirut, Soul Kitchen is the first foray of iconic Lebanese entertainment agency Factory People into Dubai. After revolutionizing the music and nightlife scene in Beirut, the community of artists and enthusiasts is more than ready to bring a little bit of that magic to the Gulf.

The first of three concepts launching by the end of the year, Soul Kitchen fuses Levantine and Latin American flavors in an ode to the Arab diaspora in Latin America. More importantly, the venue is focused on helping you discover music and often hosts sessions with jazz bands from around the world – November saw Zurich- based duo Okvsho grace the stage with their distinct mix of hip-hop and modern jazz.

Electric Pawn Shop

Inspired by the neon-lit pawn shops of Hong Kong and 70s New York Chinatown, the Electric Pawn Shop defines itself as “a hedonist, exotic, dystopian counterculture Asian bar restaurant.” Featuring the work of globally renowned bar expert Lynn Lin and DJ Lobito Brigante, the venue fuses underground music and an eclectic menu featuring Asian- Mediterranean fare.

Expect the tunes to range across hip-hop, soul, funk, Brazilian, reggae, Latin, disco, house, electronic, and more.

Q’s Bar & Lounge

Ensconced within the grandiose Palazzo Versace, Q’s Bar & Lounge is the first-ever bar from the legendary record producer Quincy Jones. Considering that the American producer has won 28 Grammy awards from 80 nominations, an exceptional curation can be expected when it comes to music.

The award-winning lounge has featured residencies from the likes of Ayanna Joni, Jeremy Issac, Nalaya Brown, and most recently Oumnia Guigui. Accompanying these sensational performances is an ambience that would not be amiss in an intimate jazz bar in New York with leather couches and an old-world charm.

Jass Lounge

Every evening at Jass Lounge – located in the heart of Dubai’s financial center – is an intimate affair marked by soulful jazz and an innate appreciation for music. Find yourself immersed in the past as the ambience evokes images of flappers, exuberant jazz bands, and everything else that the roaring 20s epitomized.

The discerning jazz aficionado will be happy to discover that the live performances at this venue are more than diverse. Expect everything from the smooth sounds of soul and rhythmic funk to Cuban jazz and the ever-classic blues. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the mystical hand-painted ceiling as you browse the exclusive selection of beverages on the menu.

Honeycomb HiFi

Honeycomb Hi-Fi is for audiophiles. If the clandestine entrance hidden inside a vinyl store at the Pullman Hotel does not give it away, the bespoke Ojas sound system and acoustic foam-covered ceilings certainly will. The speakeasy style venue is a unique experience with weekly DJ sets, a rotation of art exhibitions, izakaya-style dining by Chef Matt Abergel, and most importantly, eclectic sounds on the turntable that you’ve probably never heard before. A recent listening session at Honeycomb featured records from Ikebe Shakedown, DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson, Habibi Funk, and more.

Originally published in the December 2023 issue of Vogue Arabia

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