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41 Questions with Amina Khalil

Amina Khalil’s star is well and truly on the rise. The Egyptian actor, who featured in the inaugural September issue of Vogue Arabia (on shelves now), is ruling the red carpets while promoting the recently premiered film El Khaliya (The Cell), in which she stars. The movie, which was released on August 29, has so far raked in a staggering 10 million Egyptian pounds in box offices across Egypt, drawing in fans from all over the country during the Eid weekend. Considering her 1.4 million Instagram followers alone, we can certainly expect those digits to double in no time. A flick through the actor’s portfolio, you’ll find the 28-year-old has a number of achievements including five successful TV series — such as an Egyptian adaptation of Spanish series “Grand Hotel,” three major movies which premiered/are premiering this year alone, and being tapped as Fashion Prize 2016 accessories winner Okhtein’s brand ambassador. In a rapid-fire series of 41 questions, Khalil offers up some advice to her younger self (“everything works out in the end”), reveals her biggest fears (“failure and sadness”), and tells us what role she hopes to play next (we’re not going to spoil that one for you). Watch the full video ahead.

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