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12 Korean Restaurants In Dubai To Visit For A Fiery, Flavorful Feast This Weekend

Perhaps it was a late-night K-drama binge that first had you craving for ramen noodles. Or maybe you found yourself immersed in the culture once K-pop stars started taking over your playlist. Regardless of which reason first brought you to the rich, flavorful world of Korean cuisine, the best Korean restaurants in Dubai have conspired to ensure that you are here to stay. 

Koryo Korean BBQ Korean Restaurants In Dubai

Why is Korean food famous?

A closer look at traditional Korean food is a true education on the abundance mindset. As K-dramas might have already taught you, even a humble breakfast can have the table laden with side dishes. The philosophy? You shouldn’t taste the same flavor more than once in a meal. It comes as little surprise then that Korean food is also associated with mukbang culture or the practice of having copious amounts of food in one serving. 

What is traditional Korean food?

With a focus on flavors, Koreans prioritize getting the maximum depth of flavor out of every dish. Kimchi serves as one of the frontrunners of the cuisine—a fermented cabbage dish that signifies the foresight of traditional Koreans through the long winters in the region. Beyond kimchi, what are the top 5 Korean dishes to know about? As you embark on this culinary journey, you will want to keep an eye out for classic dishes from the region: bibimbap (rice with veggies), bulgogi (beef barbecue), tteokbokki (red rice cakes), jiggae (Korean stew) and Korean fried chicken. 

What is the most common meal in Korea?

The traditional Korean meal seeks inspiration from the feasts and lavish spreads that royalty used to enjoy back in the day. As a consequence, you’ll find a minimum of three main dishes at any meal supplemented with sticky rice and, of course, kimchi. 

What is a Korean hot pot?

As you immerse yourself in the world of Korean cuisine, you’ll find hot pots popping up on every possible menu. Modelled as a communal experience, a typical Korean hot pot consists of a hot broth that is left simmering on the table. Diners can then choose to add in a wide array of meats, proteins and veggies to the broth. Split a pair of chopsticks, dip in a sauce of your choice—there will always be a minimum of four on the table. 

What is the most popular restaurant chain in Korea?

Unsurprisingly, nailing the right fried chicken is the lottery ticket for restaurants in the region. Within South Korea, Lotteria is counted as the most popular fast food chain since 1979. Closer home, you will find that a slew of restaurants command a similar cult-like following: Sky Korean restaurant in Dubai, Hyu Dubai and Seoul Garden Korean restaurant in Dubai. If you are ready to expand your horizons further, take your pick from our round-up of the must-try Korean restaurants in Dubai. Whether you are looking to take some bottled kimchi home or you are looking to find Authentic red rice cakes (tteokbokki) in Dubai, there is something for everyone. 

Best Korean restaurants in Dubai to visit for light bites


Nestled within a grand canyon of skyscrapers, Kimpo doesn’t not blend in as much as it stands out as a bold juxtaposition in the DIFC area. Step within, and your senses will be held captive by the graffiti scrawled on the walls alongside cyberpunk neon signs. For a Brooklyn-meets-Seoul vibe, Kimpo is your ticket for an unforgettable evening with the crew. 

Kimpo Korean Restaurants In Dubai


Your mukbang moment: Will occur with the brunch spread that offers up classic Korean takeout boxes—have your pick from kimchi udon noodles, japchae or kimchi fried rice. While loyalists will want to stick by the Korean fried chicken for mains, dessert is your chance to get experimental. Banana fritters, mango on a stick or mochi ice cream: which will it be?


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Book your reservation here or visit Kimpo – Conrad Dubai – Lobby Level – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 444 7444

Sarang Bakery 

So, you thought Korean cuisine was all about fiery spices and premium meats? Allow Sarang Bakery to serve as your induction into the world of Korean baked goods. Tucked away in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Sarang Bakery invites you to spend sun-kissed mornings with a roster of freshly baked goods. 

Sarang Bakery


Your mukbang moment: If you are looking to add an Asian kick into your morning meal, you’ll want to dig into the doughy hoteok pancakes for breakfast and end the meal with koroke croquettes. 

Book your reservation here or visit Sarang Bakery – Goldcrest Executive – Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 552 1284

Best Korean restaurants in Dubai for BBQ lovers


While Kimpo is where you head for foot-tapping beats and fiery flavors, you will have Sonamu fed into your GPS for days when you are craving a more intimate time. The contemporary decor eschews all the bells and whistles in favor of a hushed ambiance that is loved by corporate execs and families alike. With options for live grills at the table as well as an à la carte selection, this is destined to be a meal to remember.

Sonamu Korean Restaurants In Dubai

Your mukbang moment: Is written for the selection of jungol or Korean hot pot dishes. Beef bulgogi, short ribs, fish filet and baby octopus—there are endless choices and no way of getting it wrong. 


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Book your reservation here or visit Sonamu – Mezzanine Floor, Asiana Hotel, Salahuddin Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 608 2110

Smoki Moto

There are authentic Korean restaurants in Dubai, and then there is Smoki Moto. Taking in pride in infusing the soul of Seoul in the Dubai culinary scene, the steakhouse serves up premium cuts and punchy flavors serenaded by groovy K-pop beats. If you are looking to end the week on a high note, you will want to pencil in their FOMO Friday sundowners on your calendar for delectable Korean bites and beverages priced at AED 160 per person. 

Smoki Moto Korean Restaurants In Dubai

Visit Dubai

Your mukbang moment: Is waiting for you in a host of original, authentic flavors that will make you forget everything you’ve heard about fusion dishes. Those in the quest for the best kimchi in Dubai will also want to bookmark their tangy homemade iteration. 


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Book your reservation here or visit Smoki Moto – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 666 1417

Romantic Baka

“Save trees, eat meat,” reads the cheeky disclaimer at Romantic Baka and it goes on to cement its position as one of the leading Korean grill restaurants in Dubai. Set within the historic Al Ghurair Center, the exposed concrete setting is your first clue that this eatery is all business when it comes to the serious art of serving up prime cuts and sizzling flavors. 


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Your mukbang moment: You came for the grills, and Romantic Baka doesn’t disappoint with the Korean grill package that offers up five meats of your choice and a generous serving of sides. Dessert is imagined as a leisurely stroll through Seoul with icy bingsu and summer-ready melona or Korean popsicles. 

Romantic Baka

Book your reservation here or visit Romantic Baka – Al Ghurair Center – Ground Floor Shop 07 – near Entrance 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 591 4247


New to the world of Korean barbecue in Dubai? Dip your toe into the cuisine with Yuraku’s lineup of comfort favorites served with Korean flourishes. The all-you-can-eat barbecue menu is supplemented with seafood staples, generous sushi platters and sashimi served with pickled wasabi to tantalize your tastebuds. 


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Your mukbang moment: The avid K-drama fan will have no trouble spotting the Korean influences in the menu. Pillowy slabs of tofu get the kimchi treatment for an extra kick of flavor, while the K-fried chicken continues to entice devoted patrons of the cuisine. 


Book your reservation here or visit Yuraku – Asiana Hotel – Salah Al Din St – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 238 7777

Koryo Korean BBQ

The Korean scene in Dubai makes for a curious case study. Even as zippy fusion bars pop up, traditional Korean restaurants continue to find their own audience. Among the latter you will find Koryo Korean BBQ, dedicated to taking Korean cuisine from the realm of K-dramas and placing it in the mainstream. 

Koryo Korean BBQ

Your mukbang moment: If you have been looking for authentic bibimbap in Dubai, the hunt ends today. The Korean take on a rice bowl, it serves as a one-and-done meal option for busy days. 


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Book your reservation here or visit Koryo Korean BBQ – Burjuman Centre Extention – Food Court Level 3 – Al Mankhool – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 321 2355

Best Korean restaurants in Dubai to visit for fusion favorites

WAWA Dining 

“Wawa” is a Japanese exclamation reserved for out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Its namesake dining destination aims to deliver the same “whoa” moments with its fusion take on Japanese cuisine with modernized Korean elements. Proudly dubbed as ‘jako’, the hybrid menu offers up some of the best Korean food in Dubai but doesn’t stop there. Truffle labneh doused in kabayaki sauce, anyone? 

WAWA Dining

WAWA Dining

Your mukbang moment: If you find yourself frequenting Al Barsha during the week, you’ll want to zip by WAWA Dining for the express business lunch that serves up a brisk lineup of starters, main course and ice cream scoop at AED 109. 

Book your reservation here or visit WAWA Dining – G floor, Golden Tulip Hotel – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9715 0114 2580


While Dubai’s Silicon Oasis is reimagining the future of sustainable living, Baofriend is rewriting the rulebook of fusion Asian cuisine. The ambiance? A host of confectionery colors that is begging to be captured for the ‘gram. The menu? A mouth-watering array of noodles, mains and specialty baos—after all, they like big buns and they cannot lie.



Your mukbang moment: While the baos serve as the showstopper, kimchi also plays a starring role in this fusion menu. Whether served as a standalone dish with sliced daikon or doused in a ramen broth, consider this your gateway to the flavorful world of Korean food in Dubai. 


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Book your reservation here or visit Baofriend – A3 building, Dubai Digital Park – Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 287 5120

Manna Land

With a legacy of over fifteen years, Manna Land Korean restaurant in Dubai serves as a worthy pitstop on the Korean food trail. Drawing inspiration from the culinary rituals and customs of the ancient courts of Korea, the eatery’s lip-smacking lineup of Korean staples and Japanese fusion dishes is worthy of royalty. 

Manna Land Korean Restaurants In Dubai

Your mukbang moment: For the quintessential Korean dining experience, request a private dining room and feast your eyes—and your palate—on a lavish spread of rice, noodles, stews and more. 

Book your reservation here or visit Manna Land – Shop # 5, Al Ketbi Building, Al Mina Road, Al hudaiba – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 345 3200

Best Korean restaurants in Dubai to visit for the best fried chicken of your life


Even while buzzier new entrants make a splash on the Korean scene, time-honored establishments like KyoChon continue to draw legions of loyalists. Having first opened doors in 1991, KyoChon has since spent decades honing its mastery over the classic Korean fried chicken. The result? Crispy servings of chicken smothered in the eatery’s signature sauces. 

Kyochon Korean Restaurants In Dubai


Your mukbang moment: Once you have found the fried chicken of your dreams—cheese truffle, soy garlic or spicy red?—you’ll want to scroll through the expansive list of sides. The meal can, of course, only end up digging into a steaming bowl of kimchi rice to be washed down with boba tea.


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Book your reservation here or visit Kyochon – 8th St – Port Saeed 1st floor, Food Court entrance, Deira City Center – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9716 005 33332


With outposts in Al Ghurair Center and Dubai Media City, Shogun serves as a beginner-friendly option for those new to the cuisine. The eatery offers a round-up of shareable cold and hot plates, followed by from-the-stove hot pots and stews. You will, of course, want to leave room for the wood-fired grills or opt for the beef platter to end the meal on a high note.  

Shogun Korean Restaurants In Dubai

Your mukbang moment: As with any other Korean eatery, Shogun takes great pride in its finesse over the classic fried chicken. Served in a crispy, champagne-hued crust, a host of sauces serve up an additional burst of flavor. 


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Book your reservation here or visit Shogun – Office Park Building, Block A, G Floor, Building #30 – Abdullah Omran Taryam St – Dubai Media City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, +9714 447 4899

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