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Meghan and Harry Have a Few Suggestions for How to Honor International Women’s Day

The couple posted 20 different ways to empower women on the website for their charity, Archewell.

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On Sunday, CBS will air Oprah’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the couple’s first joint sit-down since leaving their royal roles in March 2020, will air on CBS. In advance of the interview, which promises plenty of revelations and a few homages to Princess Diana, Meghan and Harry’s foundation, Archewell, has announced a new initiative celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8. On the foundation’s website, they have compiled a list of 20 different charitable acts meant to empower women, a few of which they’ll be taking part in themselves.

“We know the world is asking more and more of women every day—as wage earners, leaders, educators, carers, and more,” a statement on the website read. “In recognition of International Women’s Day, let’s unleash a groundswell of real acts of compassion for the women in your life and in your community.” The list of actions includes personal acts of kindness, such as phoning a friend, and acts to support women-owned businesses and donate to charities that focus on women’s issues.

The new initiative also illustrated Meghan and Harry’s continuing commitments to the charities they’ve worked with for the last few years. Although they lost the patronages that Queen Elizabeth had given them, like their roles at the Queen’s Commonwealth Fund, the Archewell website contains instructions for supporting a few of the charities they’ve worked with in the past. The suggestion that asks participants to “Help a woman be her best at a crucial moment in her life” includes a link for Smart Works, the women’s employment charity that Meghan has worked with since January 2019. The suggestion to “Help girls thrive, learn, and lead” includes information about CAMFED, an Africa-based girls’ education charity that the couple donated to in honor of Harry’s birthday last fall.

“Our hope is to inspire everyone to take action and commit to participating in just one act,” a spokesperson for the couple said. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be participating in and taking a number of these actions themselves throughout the month and are hopeful to see families and communities everywhere join together to unleash compassion, one action at a time.”

Meghan has been publicly honoring International Women’s Day since before she joined the royal family. One of Meghan’s last events as a senior royal last year, a surprise visit to the Robert Clack School in east London, was meant to commemorate the day. “For young men, to continue to value and appreciate the women in your lives, and also set the example for some men who are not seeing it that same way,” she said in a speech to the student body. “You have your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, friends in your life—protect them. Make sure that they are feeling valued and safe. Let’s all rally together to make International Women’s Day something that is not just on Sunday—but frankly, feels like every day of the year.”

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