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Kylie Jenner Denies Suing This Family Business Over ‘Rise and Shine’

Nothing says “rise and shine” more than a fresh Kylie Jenner story on our newsfeeds. Luckily, we can still say this recently formed catchphrase of the 22-year old reality star, as Jenner took to Twitter Sunday, November 10 to deny allegations that she is suing companies for using those now-iconic three words. 

In case you were one of the unfortunate few who missed the infamous video that started this discussion in the first place, a quick recap: Jenner was giving a YouTube tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices to her camera crew and popped into Stormi’s room to wake her one-year-old daughter up with an acapella “rise and shine” tune. The clip immediately went viral, kickstarting a series of memes from the World Wide Web—and a collection of makeup and merchandise from Jenner herself—in less than a day. 

However, the beauty business mogul was soon accused of sending cease and desist letters to companies who used the famous slogan, including Australian brand Cased Clothing which has been selling t-shirts with it since 2017. Both the apparel company and Jenner publicly dismissed the claims on their social media accounts, with Jenner urging her followers to “not believe everything you read” as the clip was just a random moment of fun and not a patented phrase of hers she is engaging in legal action over. 

The tables may soon be turned on Jenner though, as the trademark holder of “Rise-N-Shine”, an American company specializing in nutritional supplements, has reportedly issued a formal complaint to Snapchat in an attempt to stop the star from selling any products with the tagline—unless it’s for the small business owner. Who would’ve thought an innocent wakeup call would cause so much commotion? Anyone who is part of the Kardashian-Jenner mega-household, of course.    

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