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Why Jennifer Lopez Got Emotional While Accepting This Important Award

Jennifer Lopez

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On November 15, Jennifer Lopez was presented the Icon Award at the 2020 E! People’s Choice Awards by Armie Hammer with a flattering introduction. “Jennifer Lopez has always looked at the world and thought why not,” said Hammer. “Why not have a former fly girl rule the box office? Why can’t a bona fide movie star dominate the music charts? And why not be a little girl from the Bronx who conquers the fashion and beauty world? And why not become a global icon?”

He continued, “Without many role models to guide her along the path, Jennifer inadvertently became one. Every step she took was the opposite of traditional and she pursued her dreams full force and never waited on somebody else to give her permission. Jennifer doesn’t just know how to learn to do something, she masters it she’s audacious and brave and never stops. Yet as her co-star and friend, I know her greatest strength is her generosity. Jennifer leads with compassion and kindness and her joy for life is contagious, no matter how far she’s come, she’s still that same girl, Jenny from the block. Your 2020 People’s Icon, Jennifer Lopez.”


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Dressed in a stunning red number from Christian Siriano the actor looked radiant as she glided on the stage to accept the award. “Oh, my God 2020 man, 2020 was no joke, right?” Lopez said. “I mean, before 2020 we were obsessing about winning this award, getting nominated for that award, we were caught up on who sold the most records or who had the biggest box office opening or crazy stuff. This year was the great leveler. It showed us what mattered, what didn’t and for me, reinforced what matters most, people.”

Tuned in for the memorable moment virtually, Lopez’s close friend and actor Nicole Kidman also delivered a heartfelt message. “You are the true definition of an icon,” she began. “I have known you for a long time now and watched you go from strength to strength, but I will never forget bringing my sister to your Vegas show, you came off stage after two hours and Benny was standing there, I said, ‘Are you sure she’s okay, don’t want to interrupt,’ he’s like come on in, and you were standing there as though you could go on again, mom there, kids there, friends there, and you were just power and love and warmth.”


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A post shared by E! People’s Choice (@peopleschoice)

Kidman’s virtual message was soon followed by fellow colleague Renee Zellweger who said, “I’m a fan and I have long admired your work and uncompromising work ethic and beautiful, authentic audacity may your passion, vision, determination, self-respect and courage.” What brought Lopez to near tears was a surprise, heartwarming congratulations from her children. “Congratulations,” son Max could be heard saying while Emme encouraged him. “We’re so happy for you mom.”

Lopez received the honor on account of her exceptionally inspiring decades-long career; a testament to both women and Latin women representation in the industry, her performing at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year and kickstarting her acting career playing the part of Selena Quintanilla in the 1997 biopic Selena.

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