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Five Minutes with Zoeva’s Founder Zoe Boikou

The founder of Zoeva, Zoe Boikou. Courtesy of Zoeva.

Spotting a niche in the market for affordable yet quality makeup brushes, Zoe Boikou set out on a mission to build her own business back in 2008. Fast forward to today and her brand Zoeva has boomed well beyond brushes to pressed powders, eyeshadows, brow palettes and beyond. We caught up with the beauty entrepreneur to talk trends, eyebrows, and semi-permanent makeup.

What part of the face is most important to you?

I think a key feature that makes a face stand out is the eyes. Being the ‘windows of the soul’, eyes are very expressive and transmit our emotions. Highlighting the eyes with a fresh, bright eyed makeup look, enhances a woman’s natural beauty and has a powerful effect on her appearance.

How can makeup transform someone?

The transformational effect is what I like the most about makeup. It is incredible how small makeup tweaks can totally change one’s face. Makeup can do much more than emphasizing your natural beauty. It can be a powerful tool to help women feel more confident. A strong, confident woman is a source of enrichment for all of us.

How does a ‘good’ brow alter someone’s face?

Eyebrows are not only framing the face but set your face apart from someone else’s whilst evoking femininity. Brows have become big business in recent years because their shape can make or break your entire face. A well-groomed brow opens up the eye area and helps to create a more structured look. It is crucial that the eyebrows start, arch and end in the correct place so that the face is given shape and length. The brows shape should frame the face and at the same time widen your eyes – an easy anti-aging secret and key to a polished, flawless look!

Do you have an opinion on semi-permanent makeup?

I think that there are lots of great non-permanent options for styling eyebrows. The beauty industry is coming up with more and more creative ideas of coloring, styling, and highlighting brows, which is great. But I totally understand that there are women who are searching for a long-lasting solution. In these cases, micro blading, for example, might be a good, natural looking option. However, I do also think that it shouldn’t be perceived as a trend to follow, rather than a tool to enhance the natural shape and color of the brows.

What are your top beauty trends for Fall 2017?

A huge beauty trend for Fall 2017 is layering: overlapping different colors for a structured look with an exaggerated flick. I’ve seen this edgy graphic eye look at many fashion shows and it’s simply amazing! Creating a glowing complexion by highlighting the defining features of the face also remains a trend this fall. Additionally, a statement lip with dark shades is in demand this season too.

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