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Love False Lashes? Here’s What to Do During Self Isolation

Sofia Boutella, Photographer An Le

Sofia Boutella. Photographer An Le

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who embrace not having to keep up with their beauty routine and those who fret at the thought of their appointments being canceled. For the later, their worst fears have become a reality as for our and our amazing therapist’s safety, salons have had to shut their doors for the time being. They now face two options. Go au natural or preserve the results of their last appointment for as long as possible. Miko Su the founder of Twiink Studio shares her top tips and tricks for those who have false lashes.


Courtesy of Twiink Lashes

At Twiink Studio we have always given strict advice on not playing or pulling at your lashes. Avoid oil-based products and hot steamy showers and we always have a no mascara policy.  Self-isolation gives us the perfect opportunity to take some extra care of ourselves. Here is our scoop on what to do when you can’t get to your lash artist for your regular three weekly refills.

Please don’t pull at your lashes. It is still better to let them fall out naturally than to damage your natural lashes by pulling at them.

Having a handful of lashes is still better than none and you will be able to keep the illusion of fuller lashes that can last as long as six to eight weeks.

We recommend avoiding oil-based creams and brushing your lashes daily.

Keep your lashes clean and shampoo your lashes daily. You can do this with water or a foam or water-based lash shampoo.

If you are finding that your lashes are looking less full you can fill in the gaps by applying some water-based mascara to the ends of the lashes but try and avoid the area of the glue.

At the very end when you feel that the last of the lashes really must go, we suggest that you try a face steam to loosen the glue followed by applying a layer of coconut oil to loosen the bond, but please don’t pull.

If you can get your hands on a lash serum, now is the time to give your lashes some TLC. The more natural lashes you have the more your lash artist has to work with. At Twiink Studio we recommend Revitalash Advanced Lash Conditioner. It is great for strengthening your natural lashes and enhancing growth.

Be prepared! Book in now for an appointment upon salon openings to avoid the waitlist.

Twiink Studio is located in Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi. For more information call +971 58 5894465 

Photography An Le | Style Alexis Roche | Makeup Gregoris Pyrpylis | Hair Nabil Harlow | Model Sofia Boutella | Production Victoria Pavon

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