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Stuck Indoors? Here’s Your Sandstorm Beauty Survival Kit

If the oncoming summer sandstorms and accompanying transportation standstills have you homebound this week, take it as an opportunity to treat yourself to a day of indulgences, especially for your skin and hair. Not only does a dust storm have adverse effects on our health, particularly on our respiratory system, but it can also wreak havoc on our complexion and lengths. Sandstorms typically transport large volumes of dust and sand, which seep deep into our pores and result in congested, dull skin. Thankfully, the market is bursting with a plethora of beauty saviors to help you transform a dusty day into a guilt-free beauty holiday. Raincry’s detangling paddle brush comes in a compact, travel size that fits snug in your purse should a gust of wind threaten your blowout. Meanwhile, Oskia’s Anti-Pollution Beautifying Facial Mist provides a refreshing boost of hydration in one spritz. Brave the storm in a a chic, face mask such as Off White’s Printed Cotton Mask that’ll help prevent you from inhaling dust particles in style. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Anti-Pollution Drop are formulated to protect your skin from environmental stressors, while Oribe’s Clarifying Shampoo washes away impurities without stripping away your hair’s natural essential oils.

In the gallery above, find 11 beauty products to stock up on for the next sandstorm.

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Promo: Photographed by Silja magg for Vogue Arabia, September 2017.

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