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Your Guide to Seed Cycling and How it Can Balance Your Hormones

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For any woman who has ever struggled with hormone, fertility or menopausal issues we salute you. The battle is real and often confusing. For those that have done their research, they may have come across seed cycling. Here our trusted holistic skincare expert and naturopath Nellie Habibi explains what it is and how to practice it.

Have you heard of Seed Cycling?

We have a cascade of hormones flowing through our bodies at all times.

These hormones are greatly influenced by what we eat, how we move, stress, environmental toxins, and sleep patterns. We women go through so many hormonal changes during our cycle. The feeling of sadness and breast tenderness to painful periods. These symptoms show how your hormones are out of whack.

For women, hormonal imbalance is the root of many health issues such as irregular periods, acne, PCOS, low libido, thyroid disorders, and chronic fatigue.  These symptoms are not normal. We have a way to support our hormonal system trough food and a better lifestyle. We need to get some balance and seed cycling can help shift you back slowly into the right hormonal balance.

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How does it work?

Day 1 to 14 (Follicular Phase)

This starts the first day of your flow. Use flax seeds and pumpkin seeds to help support estrogen creation. Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of fresh flaxseed ground the same day it is consumed. This is because flax seeds oxidize very quickly. However, the pumpkin seeds are to be taken whole. Make sure both seeds are from organic sources.

Day 15 to 28 (Luteal Phase)

This is to boost progesterone. Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of freshly ground sesame seeds as they need to get absorbed by the body. Add whole sunflower seeds. Again make sure both are coming from an organic source.

The way to consume the seeds is either add them to smoothies, sprinkle onto salads or eat them straight up by taking the tablespoons and drinking water after.

Do not use any seeds that have been roasted or salted.

Since we are all unique and different some women may need one cycle to feel good whereas others may need more time. The bottom line is we all need to be doing all that we can to help our hormones. This is only one part of the puzzle.

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