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Emirati Designer Yasmin Al Mulla on Collaborating with Maison Christian Dior

Yasmin Al Mulla. Photo: Courtesy

Emirati designer Yasmin Al Mulla has teamed up with Maison Christian Dior to design a region-exclusive Midkhan. The newly created product stems from Dior’s recently launched Tobacolor fragrance with an authentic Middle Eastern twist. “The journey of designing and reflected the legacy of Midkhan inspired by the Middle East-exclusive Tobacolor was fully dedicated to my beautiful society, and this incredible community,” Al Mulla shared with Vogue Arabia.

With this collaboration, Al Mulla wishes to highlight the power and importance of interconnectedness, by introducing an element of intersectionality between the illustrious maison and the Middle East. The designer says, “My ultimate goal is always to connect the heritage and beauty of Maison Christian Dior with the legacy of my community, and I am grateful to have the opportunity. From my country to my community… This is for each of you.”

Photo: Courtesy of Yasmin Al Mulla

The design of Midkhan takes after the signature notes of the Tobacolor scent which features colorful spices, a honey joyful accord, and a powerful amber base. The all-encompassing oriental fragrance elevates its experience with a carefully designed package that speaks of the designer and her culturally-driven aesthetic.

The Emirati fashion designer is the co-founder and creative director of YNM, a Dubai-based ready-to-wear label known for its contemporary abayas. Her talent spans an array of disciplines from product designing, curating exclusive menus, to planning exclusive events.

Photo: Courtesy of Yasmin Al Mulla

This is not the first time the designer has collaborated with a luxury brand. Al Mulla is known to have worked with Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin while ensuring that her country’s essence is represented internationally, constantly connecting her heritage and the core of each brand with the local community.

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