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This Middle Eastern Skincare Brand Uses an Unusual Natural Ingredient

Yasmeena Khalil, Yaskin Natural. Photo: Courtesy

Like many of us, Yasmeena Khalil struggled to find a skincare routine that ticked off her priorities list – in her case, Khalil wanted products that were both “all natural” and effective. Unlike many of us, the Kuwait-born Palestinian took matters into her own hands and created her own brand, Yaskin Natural.

“Yaskin Natural was born out of my own personal desire to have a clear, radiant, youthful complexion,” shares Khalil. “As someone who has suffered with adult acne myself, I’m familiar with the anxiety that comes with having skin that makes you feel insecure about your appearance. I was prescribed various medications, which all came with their own list of side effects and actually didn’t really work for me.” After running through the brands currently on market, Khalil says that she was motivated to work on her own skincare range. “I had to find products that would allow me to enjoy the soft, smooth skin that had eluded me for so long. I wanted to offer people everywhere, the opportunity to have the skin they have always dreamed of, in the most natural way possible.”

Yaskin Natural. Photo: Courtesy

The six-piece Yaskin Natural collection shares one unusual ingredient – the fruit of the intriguingly-named sausage tree. Native to the plains of Tanzania, the sausage tree has been used by locals as a kind of tribal remedy. The large, weiner-shaped fruit is known for is antimicrobial properties, and has been used to ease the effects of eczema and psoriasis. “In skincare, it has the ability to brighten and firm the skin, creating a youthful glow and reducing wrinkles and fine lines,” adds Khalil. “It is a powerful tool in the fight against acne and inflammation.”  Using natural ingredients was a sticking point for the skincare founder, as she believes that these ingredients provide everything one needs for their ideal skin. “The brilliance of a natural, pure range of skincare products is that the benefits can be felt by absolutely everyone,” she says. “Plant-based ingredients don’t discriminate based on skin type, age, race, or gender. Over time, they work to brighten, cleanse and beautify all complexions.”

Yaskin Natural Intensive Night Cream. Photo: Courtesy

Khalil says that she was driven by her own skincare experiences, where she became disillusioned by how the term ‘natural’ was used for marketing. “Natural is such a misleading word in the skincare industry because it has no regulatory meaning,” Khalil explains. “Anyone can add a small amount of a plant-based ingredient to their product and then label it as natural, making it very difficult to know which brands are offering a truly clean, honest portfolio.” Her goal for Yaskin Natural was to be transparent when it came to ingredients, giving reassurance to consumers who are interested in naturally-sourced products. “For me, natural should mean that a product is almost entirely made up of items that can be found in the wild.” She says that the brand is suitable for all skin types, adding “these products work to hydrate and clear the skin, whilst addressing anti-aging concerns and reducing pigmentation”. For those trying Yaskin Natural for the first time, Khalil recommends the brand’s Intensive Night Cream as a good place to start. “This thick, luxurious cream is a gorgeous product that feels so delightful on clean, fresh skin at the end of the day,” she explains. “When used in conjunction with a good night’s sleep, it has incredible healing properties, helping to reverse any damage caused by the day’s exposure to strong winds, intense UV rays and unavoidable pollution. At the same time, it also helps to tighten and firm the skin so that you wake up with a glowing, rested complexion every morning.”

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