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The Vitamins We Should Actually Be Taking for Better Skin

Backstage at Erdem AW20

Backstage at Erdem AW20

Feeling a little sluggish, or missing your fresh-faced glow? Health expert, Marina Wegorek, says that the reason may lie in women not consuming the exact combination of vitamins that will make a real difference in our health. The founder of ProYouth Nutrition, specializing in wholefoods-based and high performance protein, says that women aged over 25 have specific vitamins and minerals needs in order to support a balanced, urban lifestyle. “Our vitamin needs vary from each woman, and largely depends on her diet, lifestyle, genetics, and even environmental factors,” she points out. However, says the health expert, popping a multivitamin pill may not cut it as it may not include the vitamins and minerals which are specifically useful for women over 25, or instead contains unnecessary extras more tailored towards men’s health support.

As women aged over 25 are typically very active and in their social life prime, with more late nights, eating out, and quick fast food fixes, she says, a fast-paced lifestyle can miss on essential nutrients for new cell growth, resulting in low energy and dull skin and hair. “Vitamins and minerals are vital for maintaining good general health and wellbeing, and our 20s are the building blocks to achieve this. During the mid 20s, our body has different demands as we are more physically active and under increased mental pressures, as we are faced with increased decision making, in addition to being our peak age for fertility, bone and muscle mass,” explains Wegorek. “Ensuring our body receives the vital vitamins it requires means we are laying the foundations for a healthier body in the future.” Follow Wegorek’s top vitamin picks to discover if you’re missing any of these essential supplements, and add them to your day start feeling better, inside and out.

Vitamin B7
“The B vitamins are great source of energy, and help to generate new healthy cells. Whether a few too many glasses is having an effect on your digestive track, or your hair and skin is suffering from the frequent use of styling products and hair dryers, biotin (known as B7) is great to support hair, nail, skin, nerves, digestion, and metabolism. The Middle East’s extreme heat combined with air conditioning also shocks the skin and hair, and this Vitamin B complex can be particularly helpful to improve its health.”

Vitamin B6
“Women in their mid 20s are also at their peak reproductive years, so taking care of reproductive health in particularly key. Vitamin B6 specifically, is known to balance to hormones and help prevent premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and other mood related conditions.”

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Vitamin B12
“Anaemia is common concern for many menstruating women with heavy periods and can contribute to low energy levels and reduced immune response. Vitamin B12 can also be eaten in supplemented health bars, so I added it to ProYouth bars for energy yielding metabolism, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and cell protection.”

Vitamin D
“Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium for maintenance of strong healthy bones, enhance good moods, and promotes normal functioning of the immune system. Peak bone mass is achieved in our late 20s, so it’s important to build up our bone density now before it begins to decline in the 30s. Women are more prone to osteoporosis than men, hence why it’s highly recommended for women to lay a good foundation for bones, by ensuring enough Vitamin D and calcium is present in the body.”

 Vitamin C
“Vitamin C is crucial for stimulating collagen and elastin, which help keep the skin looking plump and firm. Scientific studies have shown that higher levels of collagen are associated with better skin quality and reduced visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and dryness. Vitamin C is an antioxidant found in the deeper layers of our skin, is essential for preventing damage caused to our skin by exposure to the sun’s UV rays – a particular concern in hot and sunny countries where people are exposed to extreme UV rays.  It has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the over production of melanin, resulting in a more even complexion and brighter looking skin.”

Vitamin A
“Retinoids, also known as vitamin A, are beneficial for maintaining the youthful appearance of skin. Retinoids increase the rate of cell turn over, allowing us to shed damaged and dead skin cells and reveal fresh new cells, and help increase the moisture levels in our skin giving it that radiant and glowy appearance.”

Vitamin E
“Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps prevent sun damage to our skin caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin E means that it can be used to treat skin concerns such as redness, acne and damage from UV exposure. Additionally, vitamin E helps to strengthen the natural dermal barrier, as well as replenish and rehydrate the skin.”

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