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Why Your Dental Hygiene is Now More Important than Ever

Kat Irlin

Photographer: Kat Irlin

In the current world that we are living in, dental hygiene is now more important than ever. Good oral health means good overall health in your body too. This ties in with the holistic dentistry trend which is taking over the dental world as people recognize that the mouth and teeth are connected to overall health and wellness.

Dr. David Roze, a Dubai-based, French dentist, and founder of Dr Roze & Associate Clinics is known for championing biological dentistry and biohealth in the Middle East and his clinic was the first to embrace the philosophy by practicing biological dentistry for his patients. With this in mind, Dr Roze has given us the low down on keeping your teeth and gums healthy, whiter, and brighter with a few simple tips, and suggestions to avoiding cavities and gum disease.

Dr David Roze. Founder & Oral Surgeon

Dr David Roze. Founder & Oral Surgeon. Courtesy of Dr Roze & Associate Clinics

Dr Roze’s Tips

. Make sure you’re doing everything you can at home to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Everything from covering your toothbrush head, and buying a new toothbrush if you’ve been sick, to regular flossing and avoiding hard foods will help. It’s important to look after your teeth and gums to maintain a healthy outlook throughout the whole body.

. Pencil in your checkups every six months with your hygienist to ensure your gums are healthy. It’s worth remembering that your gums are a direct link to your body, which is even more important when shielding from the virus.

. When brushing your teeth – give them the same attention you do to massaging moisturizer into your face, as a gentle massage twice a day on the gums helps to prevent gum disease.

. The plaque that builds upon the enamel, in addition to stains caused by smoking and/or drinking tea, coffee, etc, can cause your teeth to get discolored. This can of course be fixed by whitening treatments but we always try and catch these issues with our regular hygienist appointments.

. Keep hydrated! You might not be aware that drinking your daily two liters of water every day will also help to keep your teeth strong and healthy because food and sugary drinks break down your tooth enamel, which means that cavities can form more easily.

Dr Roze & Associate Clinics.

Courtesy of Dr Roze & Associate Clinics

. If you’re pregnant it’s even more important to visit the dentist and have an excellent oral health routine along with your checkups in the diary. Any form of gum disease can get into the bloodstream and target your growing baby, which can lead to premature labor and low-birth-weight babies.

. Wearing a face mask every day means that you’re breathing through your mouths constantly. This can lead to a dry mouth and ultimately bad breath due to a lack of saliva in our mouths which can leave your mouth being unbalanced. In turn, this means a higher risk of cavities and gum disease which have been linked to wider problems in the body, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

. Over the past few months, especially after the lockdown, there has been an increase in mental health issues which has meant people struggled to look after themselves as well as before. This goes hand in hand with oral hygiene.

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