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Why CBD Oil Spa Treatments Could Be Your Answer to Holistic Relaxation

The skincare world has been buzzing about CBD oil, as the highly talked-about ingredient finds the mainstream acceptance in certain parts of the Middle East.


Photo: Arved Colvin-Smith

With A-list names like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, and Alessandra Ambrosio raving about the wonders of CBD oil, this bio-derived powerhouse product is winning its own fans for its holistic beauty and wellness benefits. From scientific communities to natural health enthusiasts, CBD oil is becoming an It ingredient to add to your beauty routine.

Extracted from a sub-species of the Cannabis Sativa plant, cannabidiol, or CBD, stands out as a natural powerhouse celebrated for its stress-relieving and healing properties. Juana Martini, co-founder of Juana Skin, emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between regionally-approved and safe CBD versus the psychoactive THC compound. “CBD’s beauty lies in its natural essence – our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids, which regulate and harmonize the system, clinically proven to enhance mental and physical well-being,” explains Martini.

Experience CBD oil for yourself, with Dubai spas and clinics now incorporating the star ingredient in their newest treatments.

OTO Amplify Full Body Massage, ReFive Spa

ReFive Spa CBD

ReFive Spa. Image: courtesy brand

This hardworking massage is perfect for those with plenty of knots to untangle. Utilizing a solid bamboo roller, your therapist will focus on releasing muscle tension and stress with a flowing series of deep tissue massage that targets key pressure points. The tactical treatment is paired with a luxury CBD-infused oil, formulated to encourage deeper relaxation. The CBD oil is also infused with grapefruit, juniper, and bitter orange essential oils to help rewaken your senses. The addition of the intriguing red jasper crystal placed to open chakras creates a therapeutic element, for a better body, mind, and soul. Stretching over 90 minutes, there’s plenty of time to dedicate to working the most under stress muscles, including shoulders, neck, and lower back, where we are most likely to hold tough to release tension. The Dubai spa itself is a calming sanctuary from Five Palm Jumeirah’s vibrant party atmosphere, making the CBD massage an ideal respite in dreamy surroundings.

Kloris treatments, Sensasia Urban Spas

Kloris CBD

Kloris CBD. Image: courtesy brand

One of the leading names in CBD beauty, Kloris has arrived in the UAE courtesy of Sensasia Urban Spas. Calling its CBD oil-infused specialities a new kind of ‘canna-cure’, the brand’s collection of rich balm and oils work along addressing its five pillars – better sleep, less stress, pain and recovery, menopause, and skincare. Highlighted by Sensasia is the brand’s signature 120-minute canna-cure massage, described as the ultimate introduction to the benefits of CBD. It begins with a dedicated 15 minute foot massage to release tension from pressure points, using the Kloris Luxury CBD Balm. Next, sink into serenity with a tailored full body massage. The orange, vanilla, and oud Kloris CBD Oil is firmly massaged into skin before hot stones are applied to key areas to melt away muscle stress, combining the winning mix of gentle heat and CBD power. Sensasia also offers a menu of other stress-beating treatments that highlight the benefits of the Kloris CBD range and Senasia’s holistic wellness aesthetic, with Kloris face, body, and bathing CBD products also available to take home.

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