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How to Find What Hair Removal Method Works for You


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When it comes to hair removal there are countless options on the market. So many that it can often become confusing on which might be best for you. Let’s not even get into how the pandemic has shaken up our beauty routines too. Here, hair removal expert and the co-founder and chief executive officer of Furless in Dubai, Mariela Marcantetti explains your options.


Dry or wet shaving, epilating machines, waxing, sugaring, depilatory creams, threading, and plucking are methods you can do at home, or in salons. These are affordable in the short term and quick to perform, however, the results don’t last. You may also experience some side effects like ingrown hairs. While these methods might seem cheap, in the long term it is estimated that females spend from AED/SAR20,000 to 100,000 and eight weeks of their lives with temporary hair removal methods.


According to the FDA and the American Medical Association (AMA), laser and IPL are categorized as “reduction,” not permanent. Laser can be an affordable and quick solution for some, however, the results can be mixed, and can often require countless touch-ups. There is also a phenomenon called “paradoxical laser hair stimulation” which is supposedly the worse regrowth after laser. Make sure you invest in a center with a variety of laser types, in order for them to use the best-suited laser treatment for you.


According to the FDA and the AMA, only electrolysis gives permanent hair removal results. It works on all skin types, all hair colors, and is safe and effective on all body parts. Depending on the body part, after a free consultation, one visit could take a few minutes to a few hours, and it requires several visits. Electrolysis goes to the root of each hair individually with localized heat and destroys all source of life of the hair. Furless is a leading example of an electrolysis center, offering the most advanced machines combined with world-class skilled therapists.

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