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Is Water Damaging Your Hair?

Aquis Hair @Aquishair via @justinemarjan

Whether you’ve got straight hair, frizzy hair, curly, wild or smooth, thick hair, thin hair, or hair you struggle to rule the health of your locks should be the top of your priority list. After all healthy hair is the most beautiful and easiest to style. With so many products on the market, it can often become confusing about where to start. A new concept dubbed hygral fatigue may actually hold a lot of the answers. It all begins with wet hair, whereby the longer your locks are drenched the more damage and breakage occurs.

This is due to the hair cuticles absorbing water and becoming swollen. When left like this for long periods of time it can cause unnecessary stresses on the strands. This is especially true if you towel dry your hair and blow-dry it whilst it’s still damp. The result? You will notice over time that your hair becomes more unruly, frizzier, damaged, and lacks shine. Luckily the cure is a simple one. Look at using less water, over shorter periods of time and make sure your dry your hair quickly. For the last part, it’s important to invest in tools like the Aquis hair towel or turban. Featuring special technology it can dry your hair 50% quicker and cause less friction than just rubbing a towel on your locks.

The Founder of Aquis, Britta Cox’s Tips for Healthy Locks

. To avoid damage from water, get your hair damper quicker. Reduce the time it is kept wet to avoid waterlogging; which weakens the hair follicle.

. Use an Aquis towel or turban to effectively dry your hair quicker.

. Aquitex technology will wicks away water from hair to reduce drying time by 50%.

. Accompanied by light fabric which doesn’t weigh down the hair like traditional bath towels, there is less hair cuticle damage and tangles.

. Once hair is damper faster, it will regain its strength quicker.

The Aquis Rapid Dry Turban is AED135 available here

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