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Watch: Huda and Mona Kattan Challenge Each Other in a Pink vs Peach Huda Beauty Showdown

To celebrate the new shades of the best-selling Huda Beauty color correctors and powders, Huda and Mona Kattan are going head-to-head in a playful campaign.

huda and mona kattan

Photo: Courtesy Huda Beauty

Squaring off in a seriously unserious sibling rivalry, each sister will rep her complexion undertone, with Mona the face of Team Pink and Huda in Team Peach’s corner. “Mona has a cool undertone, so she’s Team Pink, and I have a warm undertone, so I’m Team Peach,” explains Huda. “We decided to take these differences, combine them with our new shade additions for a little healthy competition, and have fun with it!”

The launch includes the newest shade of Huda Beauty’s best-selling Easy Bake Powder, with Peach Pie available in Easy Bake Loose Powder, Baby Bake Loose Setting Powder, and Easy Bake and Snatch Pressed Powder. There is also a new duo of #FauxFilter Color Correctors, with a liquid version of the Easy Bake Cherry Blossom shade, and new hue Lychee, designed specifically for deeper skin tones. Used to neutralize and balance skin undertones, the Color Correctors are ideal for use on the undereye area, and to decrease the appearance of sallowness and pigmentation.

With Huda steering Huda Beauty, Wishful, and Glowish, and Mona dedicated to her fragrance house, Kayali, the new launch sees the Dubai-based sisters appearing in the playful Huda Beauty campaign together. With complementary yin and yang personalities, the Iraqi-American sisters have never shied away from speaking their minds, with their no holds barred honesty extending to their familial bond.

Watch Huda and Mona Kattan take on the Pink vs Peach challenge below.

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