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Qata’ef: A Ramadan Series by Vogue Arabia and MAC Cosmetics

100% Match | 2021 | PG 13 | 1 Season

Rumor has it…a secret’s out! But whose could it be? Take a seat at the table for a buffet of mystery, seasoned with betrayal, make up, and a dash of drama! Vogue and MAC Cosmetics invite you to savor Qata’ef.

Paranoid her secret is out, Lady Loja invites her nearest and dearest to a dinner at her grand palace to find out who knows, and who the culprit is.

Upon receiving their invites, Enjy, Haifa, Maram, and Deema battle mixed emotions, each haunted with dark realities of their own.

Driven by an insatiable appetite to protect their own truths, they arrive at the dinner. But while their plates remain clean, they dish out their own revelations.

A series riddled with forbidden love, betrayal, lipstick, and eyeliner.


Writer and director: Zaid Abu Hamdan
Director of photography: Saad Aldin Alkharouf
1st Assistant Camera: Ayoub Khain
Digital technicians: Shajahan Palliyalil, John Kochanczyk
Sound technician: Sooraj K
Production designer: Lilian Alhakim
Producer: Camilla Fitz-Patrick
Production assistants: Cynthia Baaklini, Rama Naser
Wardrobe designer: Mariam Yeya for Mrs Keepa
Wardrobe assistant: Raghad Ezzat Sbeiti
Makeup design: Mariam Khairallah for MAC Cosmetics
Makeup artists: Janine Horsley, Tani Kang, Cheryl Leonard, Layla Atallah, Eloisa Karla Zabala, Celia Ayur, Hiba Al-Najjar for MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Deena Alawaid
Hair assistants: Aida Kuchkacheva, Riqui Flores
Talent management: Clarisse Khairallah
Photography: Sandra Chidiac
Photography assistant: Raymund Lozano
Music: Suad Bushnaq
Shot on location at Palazzo Versace Dubai

Lojain Omran as Lady Loja

Her confidence is radiating and ego unmatched. With one look she can instill a wave of insecurity in another. Yet the question begs, do these insecurities stem from elsewhere?

Maram Zbaeda Maalouf as Maram

In Maram’s eyes the world is perfect. The sky is always blue, the grass always green. Oblivious to “real world” problems, Maram enjoys her life way up in the clouds.

Haifa Beseisso as Haifa

Real and raw, with Haifa what you see is what you get. There is no beating around the bush when it comes to her artistic vision, however there is more than meets the eye.


Deema Al Asadi as Deema

A modest and humble woman. Her soul is sensitive, emotional, and delicate as a butterfly. Some would say she’s a little too delicate. However, don’t let the humble facade fool you, even butterflies have secrets.

Enjy Kiwan as Enjy

Fierce yet flawed. Enjy has been controlled and manipulated by her sister, Lady Loja, building frustrations and sorrow deep within her. But not anymore, it is time that Enjy took back her own narrative.

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