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Is This Gold Facial The Natural Alternative To Botox?

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Is the 24ct gold facial the non-evasive alternative to Botox?

Intense air conditioning combined with brutal heatwaves and mother nature’s not so kind aging process, the fight for youthful, dewy-looking skin is a real battle. And once into your Thirties and beyond it takes more than a cleanse, tone and moisturize regimen to fill in creases and smooth out fine lines.

For me, personally, and for some reason in the past three years in particular, my skin has shown no signs in successfully coming close to conquering the fight against gravity, with deep cracks on my forehead and crow’s feet revealing a life well-lived.

So, in the quest to look a million dollars and turn back the clock, I decided to go extravagant, and what better way to start than with the much-hyped 24ct Gold Facial at José Eber’s LaLoge salon?


José Eber’s LaLoge salon in Address Montgomerie includes a swanky hair & beauty salon

The precious metal has long been used in beauty products thanks to its ability to improve the elasticity of skin, boost blood circulation, prevent premature aging and slow down collagen depletion. By aiding the regeneration of healthy new cells, it helps bring natural luster and radiance to all skin types, and, when added to skincare products, it has unsurprisingly had the stamp of approval from the aficionados.

With salons in Beverly Hills, and closer to home Dubai’s Emirates Hills Address Montgomerie, Address Boulevard and now at Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, José Eber understands that luxury, and looking good are highly prized, and his salons are considered the vanguard of beauty – they’re the go-to home for blowdries, mani/pedis and, of course, the gold facial.

The Process

The facial takes place in your own therapy room. Once derobed, and neatly tucked into the spa bed the therapist cleans the skin with a cleanser containing apple and exfoliating crystals. With skin prepped, a quick analysis reveals to the therapist your problem areas. For me it was the puffy eyes – a result of late deadlines and then even later Netflix binging into the early hours.

Laloge Mandarin oriental jumeriah

The newly opened Laloge salon in Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah

However, that’s treated using a crystal renewal machine and a mini ultrasound gizmo that removes water retention and bacteria. This is followed by a signature massage using serum containing collagen, then it’s the piece de resistance – the gold mask, which is decadently poured over every part of your face, even smothering your lips. If you feel claustrophobic you might want to give them a heads up so the mouth isn’t covered. The mask is left to set until firm before being removed – the sensation of which is truly satisfying. The therapist finishes the treatment by gently massaging a serum on to the refreshed skin, followed by a moisturizer containing collagen. The entire treatment lasts a blissful 1.5 hours.

The Result

Before the treatment my skin looked haggard and grey, but post treatment my face was literally glowing, and fine lines were barely visible. The results lasted nearly a week. If, like me, you prefer more natural alternatives to looking younger than Botox, then this is for you.


24 carat Gold Facial : AED950

José Eber LaLoge, The Address Hotel Montgomerie, Emirates Hills, (04 452 9328)

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