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Now Might Be The Perfect Time For You To Try An IV Vitamin Drip


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Looking for a quick way to boost your immune system as the cold weather (and Flurona) sets in? Why not try a vitamin drip? The latest celebrity wellness craze (Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Chrissy Teigen are all fans), IV vitamin therapy, or IV hydration therapy as it is also known, is when carefully formulated blends of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are administered directly into your bloodstream for a targeted wellness hit. And the best news? From stress busters to versions that promise to aid sleep, energy levels and concentration, each blend can be tailored to your needs. What’s more, you can get all this from the comfort of your own home, thanks to on-demand beauty apps like Ruuby. In fact, according to the app, since the start of the pandemic, bookings for IV vitamins drips have increased by 300%.

What does a vitamin drip do?

“Intravenous vitamin drips are a targeted way to deliver a wealth of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream,” says Dr Yannis Alexandrides of 111 Skin. “They’re an incredible way to achieve a quick boost if you’re someone who has a busy lifestyle, because they’ll restore nutrients, replenish hydration, boost your immune system, and aid recovery from illness and even exercise.”

As we know, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are vital for our body’s natural processes and functions. Without these essential nutrients, the body would simply start to break down. We get most of these through diet, but we can also get them through vitamin supplements. However, whereas a vitamin gummy or pill is administered orally, and is therefore subject to digestion and limited absorption, a vitamin drip allows all the nutrients to enter the body directly. “Intravenous nutritional therapy results in 100 per cent absorption into the bloodstream and therefore is a fast and effective way of supplementing with key nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,” says Dr Michael Barnish, head of genetics and life science at REVIV. Simply put: they are a highly effective way of getting the nutrients our body needs to function properly.

Are vitamin drips good for you?

In a word: yes. “Through IV therapy, we aim to assist the body in many ways, including by supporting the body’s natural immune system functioning, enhancing energy levels, [encouraging] better levels of hydration and aiding the detoxifying process,” says Rebecca Baird, nurse manager at the Lanserhof at The Arts Club.

Beyond optimizing health generally, the great thing about vitamin drips is that they can be tailored specifically to your needs. Ruuby offers standard options including the Deluxe Recovery, which is good for hangovers; Under the Weather for treating illness, Jet Lag for, well, jet lag; Immunity to boost the immune system; and NAD drips, a nootropic brain boosting drug. But it also likes to go off menu. “Each person’s drip will vary depending on their needs and based upon their past medical history, after a medical consultation with our team,” says Dr Buxton from Effect Doctors, Ruuby’s medical partner.

It’s the same at the Lanserhof. “We offer a consultation with a doctor to each client and would then recommend a bespoke treatment plan based on your goals and current health status,” says Baird.

How long do vitamin IV drips last?

The actual process can last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the infusion. “It’s an ideal boost for those who travel often or work incredibly long hours, because you can easily pop in during your lunch break, after work or on the weekend as part of your errand routine,” says Dr Alexandrides.

As for the effects, the results can vary. “Everyone is different and will therefore experience varied results,” says Get A Drip CMO, Dr Matthew Calcasola. “Some feel more energized and detoxified after their infusion, whereas others may not notice a physical difference but will have more vitamins in their system which are bioavailable for the body to absorb.” On average, the vitamin infusion takes around 24 hours to be fully absorbed by the body.

How often can you do a vitamin drip?

“The maximum number of IV treatments we recommend you have is nine in a six month period,” explains Calcasola. “Depending on what is being administered, we do not recommend more than two IV treatments per week.” Everyone is different, and you should always listen to your own body, but on average a one drip a month is what’s recommended.

Are vitamin drips safe?

In correctly trained and appropriately skilled hands, IV drips are extremely safe. As a general rule, formulas are developed by an on-site team of specialist doctors and regulated nurses to ensure correct doses and maximum safety, while patients are closely monitored by medical staff,  after having completed a medical questionnaire. But it’s always important to check.

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