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Virtue is the Haircare Brand Taking the Industry by Storm

Virtue Labs

Hair health is a hot topic in the world of beauty. Not just relying on products and tools, this new era of education, explains for locks to look good, there have to be a healthy scalp and hair follicles first. Ever on the lookout for new formulations that will support this journey, one brand has stood out. Hailing from the US, Virtue Labs works with a multi-patented form of pure protein ethically sourced from human hair. Loved by Hollywood starlets like Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel to celebrity stylists like Adir Abergel and Nicola Clarke, they have spoken out about its immediate and astounding results.

Putting it simply, “It does what it says it does,” explains Melisse Shaban the founder of Virtue Labs. This all down to its patented ingredient Alpha Keratin 60ku. Discovered by a retired US Army Colonel who was leading a study on regenerative medicine, he discovered a way to extract keratin in its purest form. Recognized by our bodies, Shaban explains, “It’s a protein the body uses to help with cellular turnover regeneration.” Originally used to accelerate the healing of burn wounds for soldiers on the battlefield, a young woman working in the lab suggested how it might help to heal hair as well.

Through much research and investment, it was discovered that Alpha Keratin 60ku can bind to the damaged parts of the hair cuticle and fill it in. “Where there isn’t damage it just washes off,” says Shaban. Formulations in the past have been able to achieve this, however, the proteins filling the gaps were synthetic and it was more about disguising the damage. Virtue Labs is the first brand that actually heals and repairs the hair, even after the damage is done.


What’s even more important is the brand’s ethical stance. Stripped of any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors and dyes, the formulations are also cruelty-free. “I think the industry needs to take a position and standardize. We can’t make things up. Clean beauty over here isn’t clean over there,” says Shaban of the importance of this. Adding, “It is a very profitable industry and it could be less profitable and more beneficial.”

As for the key products in the ever-growing line. “Our Restorative Treatment Mask is phenomenal,” says Shaban adding, “It traps moisture and your hair is desperate for moisture, especially here.” Other top picks include the recently launched scalp formulations that include a Topical Scalp Supplement and Exfoliating Scalp Treatment. Its award-winning shampoo and conditioners duos are also a must-try with three of each suited to different hair types. The brand also offers a whole host of styling products with its Moisture Defining Whip and Volumizing Primer also becoming cult favorites.

Virtue is available at Sephora Middle East 

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