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This Painless Treatment Zaps Cellulite While You Check Your Emails


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Cellulite. For many, it’s a never-ending battle. No matter your body shape, it doesn’t discriminate affecting between 80 and 90 percent of women around the world. Giving skin, especially around your buttocks and thighs a dimpled look, it is caused by alterations to the subcutaneous fat. The layer of fat beneath your skin, it is these pockets having been squeezed between bands of tissue that cause an orange peel esque look. From creams to treatments, the internet offers up hundreds of different remedies, with few even showing minimal results. In steps VelaShape 3. Combining Elōs technology which harnesses the power of bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy, with tissue manipulation the results see the fat tissues volume and appearance reduced.

Taking as little as 15 minutes per session, depending on the area being treated, the VelaShape 3 can be compared to a warm deep tissue massage. A handheld machine is run across the area, where infrared light, radio frequency energy and a vacuum work to heat the fat cells and their surrounding connective tissue. Safe and effective for all skin types, the heat and vacuum help in stimulating collagen growth and elastin which in turn improves the texture and structure of the skin. With little to no downtime, some may find the treated skin may appear red and may feel a warm sensation for a few hours at the most. Taking three to four sessions to see optimal results, sit back, relax or get through some emails.

VelaShape III starts from AED 750 per session. Available at Nova Clinic By Aesthetics, Dubai

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