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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas with a Difference: Rasasi Fragrances

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you have little time to find a covetable gift for your significant other, best friend, or yourself. This year, skip the traditional flowers and chocolate assortment for something a little more personal. The classic Rasasi fragrances certainly fit the bill. The Middle Eastern fragrance house, which is inspired by the culture and traditions of the region, features a luxurious range of perfumes, incense, and fragrance oils so there is something to suit everyone.

It’s tricky to choose a scent for someone else, as fragrance, like fashion, is a deeply personal expression of style. To find the perfect perfume for a loved one, a few things to consider include their personality type, occasion, and kind of perfume they’ve worn in the past. Below, we assemble a handful of Rasasi fragrances that will hit all the right notes.

Photographed by Graham Tooby for Vogue Arabia, February 2018.

Rasasi Junoon Satin
A blend of apple, red berry, lily-of-the-valley, jasmin, and ylang-ylang, this scent comes in a simple glass bottle topped with a golden cap, and is ideal for the classy, grown-up woman who has an elegant yet understated approach to luxury. With its extremely long-lasting abilities, three spritz of the fragrance will last the whole day, meaning those with overfilled schedules need not make frequent trips to the powder room for reapplication.

Rasasi Junoon Leather
Does your significant other enjoy borrowing your sweaters and button-downs? If so, then this highly unique blend of rose, jasmine, and muguet enveloped in musk, oud, leather, and tobacco will undoubtedly make a thoughtful gift. After-all, the best gifts are those you can (eventually) use yourself.

Photographed by Graham Tooby for Vogue Arabia, February 2018.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie
If you want to opt for a heavier fragrance, reach for this luxurious formulation of fresh rose, pure Indian oud, musk, amber, and vanilla. With its staying-power (a couple of spritz will last almost 48 hours), this mysterious scent is perfect for any evening rendezvous.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Femme
For a tangy blend of bergamot, blackcurrant, and jasmine, reach for La Yuqaqam. Its top notes include pepper and cinnamon that settle into a dark and woody finish.

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