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This Towel Promises to Improve the Health of Your Hair


If there’s one thing we like least about washing our hair, it’s the drying part after. Often feeling like such a chore, who left their locks a little too long between rinses? The founder of Aquis, Britta Fox, wants to change this narrative. Here she talks about her hair towel shaking up the industry.

Tell us about your beauty story?

Growing up on a ranch on the West Coast of America, I got fed up with the amount of time  I was spending washing, drying and styling my hair; time spent away from my true loves – skiing and horseback riding. Determined to reclaim my time, I pioneered a way to remove excess water from hair faster, using an innovative fabric (Aquitex), developed in a Korean lab. And so, Aquis was born.

Why did you decide to launch Aquis?

I created Aquis because, frankly, I had better things to be doing than drying and styling my hair. So I created this fabric that not only dries your hair in half the time of normal towels but also protects the natural integrity of your hair, strengthening it from the inside out, core to cuticle.

How do you use an Aquis hair towel?

After washing your hair, you can wrap it in an Aquis Hair towel or turban and the water is wicked away. This means you’re looking at a faster drying time (50% quicker to be exact), which also means less time spent using damaging heat hair tools.


Courtesy of Aquis

What sets it apart from your normal hair towel?

While many products treat the damage once it’s already occurred, Aquis prevents the damage from occurring in the first place.

Can any hair type use an Aquis towel?

Yes, all hair types can use an Aquis towel.

Do you have any other haircare tips?

By leaving hair to air-dry you are exposing it to further damage as it remains wet for longer, its most vulnerable state. The trick is to get it to a damp stage in the most effective way possible, where it will start to regain strength.

What is your personal haircare routine?

I usually allow my hair to reach a damp stage (with the help of the Aquis towel) and then let it dry naturally. This allows it to regain strength. 

The Aquis hair towel is available at

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