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‘I’m Cold’ Makeup Is TikTok’s Latest Beauty Obsession and It’s Giving Us Frosty Vibes


We’re are getting serious 00’s throwback with TikTok’s latest beauty look known as “I’m cold” makeup.

We’re not sure BeautyTok’s are old enough to remember S Club 7’s 2000 hit, Never Had A Dream Come True, with a music video featuring frosty white shadow, rosy winter cheeks and glossy lips, topped off with furry boots and big hoods, but that’s exactly what this beauty trend is all about.

Fast forward 22 years and it’s having a revival. The “I’m cold” trend involves using makeup to create the kind of face you get when hit by a wintery wind, but made cute. It’s essentially the seasonal version of the sunburned makeup trend that was over TikTok this summer – but more matte and less glowy. Think Hallmark Christmas movie.

The look involves a few key things – blusher, a lot of it (and it’s not just for your cheeks), you’ll want to dig out that iridescent white eyeshadow from the palette you’ve never touched and yes, sticky lip gloss is back.

TikToker @jmdimov posted her “winter is coming ❄” video, which has already amassed 1.6m likes showing her creating a neutral base on skin and under eyes with foundation and concealer, followed by blusher across her cheeks and over her nose. She then adds a white highlighting pencil in the inner corners of her eyes and on the tip of her nose, finished with eyeliner, mascara and lip stain.

@jmdimov winter is coming❄️ ib @zoekimkenealy #makeup #wintermakeup #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound – ci

Fans wrote: “You are so pretty & put me in such Christmas mood.” Another said: “That’s actual frosty makeup.”

@imsimplysteph gave her followers a step-by-step tutorial in her “How to get ‘I’m cold’ makeup look” video.

She told followers: “Matte your face with translucent powder, add blush to your cheeks and to the tip of your nose, add highlight to the tip of your nose and inner corners of eyes, blend out a natural lip colour with your finger, all done.”

If you’ve been dreading wintery weather maybe this cozy beauty trend is the one thing to get you through. Even better, it turns out getting the holiday movie heroine look at home is actually pretty easy too. Win-win.

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