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This Virtual Ayurveda and Yoga Festival is Not to be Missed


Photo: Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Looking to further your learning in the worlds of Ayurveda, yoga, and wellness? Spa loved brand Subtle Energies and Ayurveda Yoga Australia is set to host their third international Ayurveda and Yoga Conference. A silver lining to the global pandemic, the conference that is in its third year will now take place online meaning people from all across the globe can tune in. The two-day event happening on May 9 and 10 will feature presentations, panel and interview discussions, practical sessions, and performances.

The stellar lineup includes some of the top researchers and speakers in the field. Of note, Farida Irani the founder of Subtle Energies and a pioneer in Ayurveda aromatherapy, Professor Dr PH Kulkarni another prominent member in the ayurvedic world and Ayurveda icon Dr Robert. Svoboda. Topics include stress management, how to create a healing environment, and nutrition for both the body and mind.

Having donated their time, the conference offers a space for people to gain authentic and in-depth education during the pandemic. The conference is free to register with an optional donation to help provide extra bandwidth which increases the number of people that can attend this event. For those who find themselves outside the time zone, you will be able to access and replay the talks and workshops 48 hours after the event.

To find out more and register click here

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