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Makeup Artists Swear by This Game-Changing Beauty Tech

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There’s nothing quite as disheartening as spending hours on your makeup, for you to leave the house and notice that you’ve managed to over highlight and under blend. The Middle East might have sun (almost) 365 days of the year, but that doesn’t mean our dressing areas and bathrooms are blessed with the perfect light. The secret to ensuring your beauty game is strong every application, is down to lighting. A favorite of celebrity makeup artists from Nikki Wolff to Jennifer Lopez’s Scott Barnes, Glamcor offers up illuminating solutions in more ways than one.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a vanity surrounded by lightbulbs to rival Marilyn Monroe, this is the modern version.  These aren’t just mirrors; these are high tech mirrors. Que the Riki. Arriving in every shape and size, think a tall version for your bathroom, a skinny for traveling and the cutie which can fit inside your purse, it is known as being the brightest and lightest mirror on the beauty market today. After all, once you’ve tried it you will want to take it everywhere with you. Featuring adjustable LED lighting, come date night you can apply your makeup in bright light for detail, before dimming it down to check what you will look like across the dinner table.

What also sets the Glamcor Riki mirror apart from so many of its rivals, is its attention to detail. Each of the mirrors features a magnetic surface meaning you can attach everything from a magnifying mirror and phone mount to it. What’s more with inbuilt Bluetooth there is also a selfie function, meaning you can ensure your makeup look is picture-perfect. It’s also ideal for those looking to improve their skincare routine. With proper light, you can ensure your dermis is thoroughly cleansed of any dirt and leftover makeup, for naturally radiant skin.

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