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The New Science of Skincare: The High-Tech Treatments to Try


Skincare and anti-aging are part of an ever-evolving market. From procedures to gadgets, the latest innovations are offering results like never before. By penetrating the dermis with light, lasers, vibration, heat, and micro needling, active ingredients work more efficiently. Handheld, user-friendly gadgets are not just reserved for your dermatologist’s office anymore. Skincare is getting personal, too. Understanding your DNA and not just your skin type arms you with the knowledge to combat wrinkles, dark spots, and a dull complexion.

Originally printed in the June 2018 issue of Vogue Arabia.

Get Personal

Gain a deeper understanding of your skin with brands that cater to your individual needs.


Enter the power of prediction. Founded in Sweden by doctors Anne Wetter and Elisabet Hagert, Allél looks to 16 genetic markers in the five key drivers of aging: structure, energy, pigmentation, defense, and sensitivity. With up to 60% of aging depending on genetic factors, this DNA analysis can offer you a head start in the battle against it. Allél, which is based in Switzerland, uses advanced technology to determine your skin profile, starting with a DNA test. A simple swab from the inside of your cheek, done at a partner clinic, is sent to the Allél lab for evaluation. After about a week, you’ll receive your results, as well as a consultation focusing on your lifestyle and signs of aging. A personalized Allél Skin Genetic System is then put together for you, including a face serum and cream, alongside nutritional supplements. The system lasts three months, after which you can order individual products as you need.
From AED 7,500.

Ioma Paris
Personalization is taken to the next level at Ioma, which uses technology to diagnose your individual concerns, and its signature face cream has more than 40 000 possible formulas. Using the Ioma Sphere 2 diagnostic device, which tests for dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, bacterial activity, excess sebum, and dark spots, six photographs are taken of your face – using different lights, microscopy, and two probes for further accuracy. The outcome is instant, with the Ioma technician talking you through your results, and your personalized Ma Crème face cream processed in just a few seconds. You also receive eight serums to complement your regime. Ioma records your skin information with each analysis so it can constantly update and reformulate your products.
From AED 760. Ioma

Tool Up

No time? No excuse. These tech tools offer results from the comfort of your home.

Foreo UFO
Sheet masking has officially been reinvented. Foreo’s latest device brings together a host of technologies, beginning with LED light therapy. Red light offers anti-aging properties, green brightens, and blue helps combat acne. Cryotherapy and thermotherapy, partnered with T-sonic pulsations, allow the ingredients to penetrate skin more deeply. It takes 90 seconds and is controlled via an app.

Panasonic IPL Hair Removal Device
Intense pulsed light removes unwanted facial hair. The multiple wavelengths heat up the cells at the base of the follicle, damaging them to the point where the hair can’t regrow. It’s most effective on pale skin with dark hair. The device also stimulates the shedding of dead cells, helping to brighten and even out the skin.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Spectralite Eyecare Pro
The eyes are the first to show signs of aging. Dr Dennis Gross has developed an at-home device that uses therapeutic light to stimulate collagen production, thereby helping to fi rm and even out skin tone. You wear it for three minutes a day and can see results in two weeks.

Nurse Jamie Triangle Facial Tool
Use this sonic face massager with your usual skincare products. You simply move the tip of the device across your skin, choosing from two functions – normal or heated – to help with optimal absorption of product.

Glopro Microneedling Regeneration Tool
Collagen production begins to decrease by roughly 1% a year in your 20s. This is where microneedling can be helpful. The treatment, which was previously reserved for your dermatologist’s office, uses tiny, sterile needles to puncture the skin, stimulating the natural healing response. GloPro’s user-friendly tool works with the power of red light and VibroTactile stimulation, which lets your favorite creams and serums absorb more easily.

Face It

The best futuristic facials across the Middle East that combat impurities, aging, and everything in-between.

Synergy+ Facial
Where: Lespirit Medical Clinic, Dubai

The facial begins with “vacuum bubble cleansing,” which combines serums and a “vacuum” cleaning off dead skin cells. Then the Oxy-G peel exfoliates, followed by Q-Polar radiofrequency, which plumps and regenerates the skin. A nutrient infusion is then applied with ultrasound technology.
From AED 3,500.

Fractional CO2 Laser Peel
Where: The Clinics, Saudi Arabia

This laser treatment is one of the latest advancements in non-surgical skincare. Featuring the longest wavelength of all the lasers currently on the market, it can be safely used on darker skin types, and close to the delicate areas of the eyelids and mouth. The customizable peel targets deep wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone.
From AED 500.

BBL Forever Facial
Where: Dermapro Clinic, Lebanon

Working with broadband light energy in as little as 15 minutes, this facial improves the overall look of your skin. Using innovative light technology, the appearance of brown sun and age spots and red blemishes can be improved in a single session.
From AED 1,800.

LED Light Mask
Where: Clinica Joelle, Abu Dhabi

Color light therapy has many benefi ts, and the wavelengths can be adapted to your skin. Blue light kills bacteria to help combat acne; red light stimulates collagen; and green light improves the appearance of wrinkles while brightening the skin.
From AED 500.

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