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The Game-Changing Skincare App You Need Now

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It’s no secret that the world of skincare is vast. With a new launch happening weekly and boutique brands popping up across the globe, it’s hard not to become overwhelmed by choice. Not to mention the vast array of ingredients being listed on the labels. Even for beauty aficionados, understanding what most products are made up of can be close to impossible, without heading to Google for a vast investigation. But things are about to change. Thanks to Joanne Evans, one of the UKs leading facialists and skin experts, a new app has been developed to help sum up what exactly you’re applying to your face.

Titled Skin Matters, the app explains what skincare ingredients actually do. With more than 2 000 different elements listed, you can search pretty much anything you will find on the back of your moisturizers, serums and even makeup. Starting by setting up your personal profile, then choose which dermis group you fall under with detailed explanations of the characteristics of each. From there, the app advises which ingredients you should be using and which to stay well away from.

For many, finding out that they should be staying clear of some hailed ingredients like vitamin C while also discovering that they should be using others, can come as a surprise. “We don’t have to be so afraid of chemicals anymore, if we have access to the knowledge that a skincare ingredient can be derived from sugar cane so is natural but has a chemical name. Air is a chemical, water is a chemical, and everything we touch and see is chemical derived,” explains Evans on the app. At just $1.49 (DHS/SAR3.99) in iOS App Store, this is one of the most important beauty purchases you can make. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

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