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The Future of Sport is Her as adidas Puts Women at its Core

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adidas, a brand that lives in the future but operates in the now, has been uniting the worlds of sports, fashion, technology, and culture for more than 70 years. From state-of-the-art laces to groundbreaking gear, this forward-thinking brand sees the present for exactly as it is: obsolete. Challenging the status quo has become inherent to the brand, whether in its revolutionary product or advocacy towards social change; adidas is always ahead of the game. This International Women’s Day, adidas continues to exhale the promise of tomorrow into the reality of today as it positions women as the future of sport – and that future is now.

adidas has been one of the greatest playmakers of change in supporting the active lives of women. The visionary brand has been creating made-to-measure shoes for women since the 1970s, including the Lady Runner and the first women’s shoes for football, training, and tennis.

But today, adidas reminds us that through sport, we have the power to change lives – male or female, producer or consumer, we can all contribute to a winning performance in the most rewarding and essential game of all.

Female representation and product innovation “for her” is more important than ever. Not because it is “International Women’s Day” and not because of the opportunity to capitalize on an internationally celebrated event. It is time to stop thinking of women as another campaign or merely a “day.” It is time to normalize women in sport and legitimize the need for women’s streetwear and sports gear every day. Women do not need to change – they should not need to prove themselves to be recognized by a brand or to access the products needed in the games they are already winning. adidas puts it clearly: what needs to change are the preconceptions of women.

Women have been winning marathons, rocking sneakers, and rowing to finish lines for years, and they are just warming up. This International Women’s Day, Vogue Arabia joins adidas in an act of defiance, showcasing the strength, grit, and passion behind today’s female Arab game-changers and commencing a long-overdue conversation on gender positioning in the Middle East. We need to jump ahead of pre-existing perceptions and reposition women as the future of sport today – because ready or not, the future is here… and The Future is HER.

Areej Al Hammadi

Areej Al Hammadi. Photo: Kalid Hassan

Areej Al Hammadi currently plays for the UAE national football team. In 2020, this Emirati footballer broke a Guinness World Record, making her the official titleholder for most “hotstepper” ball control tricks in one minute.

Shaikha Rashed

Shaikha Rashed. Photo: Kalid Hassan

Twenty-one-year-old cyclist Shaikha Rashed has won numerous gold medals in both local and foreign championships. At the 2017 Arab championship, this UAE champion won three gold medals along with two silver. Her goal is to be in the Olympics one day.

Reem Ahmed Al Hassani

Reem Ahmed Al Hassani. Photo: Kalid Hassan

Reem Ahmed Al Hassani is a UAE Olympic rower who was named champion in 2018. She was also a champion in jiu-jitsu in 2017. In 2020 she became certified in bodybuilding and fitness and she is now the owner of a sports club called MR Marine Sports.

Fahima Falaknaz 

Fahima Falaknaz. Photo: Kalid Hassan

Fahima Falaknaz is recognized as the first Emirati female boxer and currently boxes on the UAE national team. She is also a Spartan Global Brand Ambassador.

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