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The Best Wearable Tech to Help You Keep Up Your Fitness Routine


Courtesy of Fitbit

When it comes to summer it’s often hard to keep track of your fitness goals. Unless of course, you have someone keeping you accountable for the countless times you hit the snooze button. The next best thing to an accountability coach? An accountability coach you can wear on your arm. In steps wearable tech, the most popular? The smartwatch. Whether you’re a loyal fan already or a new convert, these are the pieces of tech to put your trust in.

Apple Watch Series 4

Courtesy of Apple

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that makes as much of a style statement as being one of the speediest fitness trackers around, then the Apple Watch Series 4 is for you. Thinner than its predecessors, it offers up a watch face with a barley there bezel. A larger display means you can take full advantage of the various watch faces on offer, that is also customizable. The materials for both the watch and straps are also sleeker. Choose from an aluminum or stainless steel case in different finishes and a kaleidoscope of different colors and materials for the strap. The next best thing about the Apple Watch Series 4 is its speed. It’s reaction time is fast. Loading an app is as quick as on your iPhone. This is especially useful when working out at the gym.

The speaker is also loud meaning you can get Siri to launch your favorite fitness app in no time. It also makes answering the phone mid-workout, a breeze straight from your wrist. The activity ring is a firm favorite for Apple Watch fans and with automatic workout detection, you never miss the opportunity of closing those rings. Looking to invest? It has to be noted that the watch currently only works with iPhones. The battery life is also up for debate. Although higher in capacity with such factors as improved processing and screen size, you might find you charging yours every night. Not a problem for most, after a day of chasing down your activity rings.

Starting at US399 or  AED/SAR1599 available here

Fitbit Versa Lite

Courtesy of Fitbit

If you’re new to the smartwatch game, this could be the perfect model for you. Keeping things simple this ‘lite’ version of the Fitbit Versa brings things back to basics, making it one of the most affordable smart fitness watches around, but not too basic. It’s literally lightweight with the silhouette simplified. Featuring only one button on its side compared to three on its predecessor, navigation is made easy.

It arrives in a variety of new and exciting colors from mulberry to marina blue, with the straps being easily interchangeable. The focus is on health. You can use most apps with the watch and the tracker will auto-recognize a variety of different exercises from running to biking. On this version the three-axis gyroscope is missing, meaning you’re out of luck for those of you wanting to track lap swimming.

When swiping through its interface it feels smooth and responsive. Not as speedy as some of its competitors, but for those not in a constant rush this is a good thing. Sleep tracking is also a major plus, following the wearer’s heart rate to work out whether they’ve entered REM or light sleep. This is made possible with its superior battery life. Setting itself apart from the competition it can last for a few days (sometimes up to five) without charging in comparison to having to charge your smartwatch every evening.

Starting at US215 or  AED/SA799 available here

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Courtesy of Samsung

Offering a classic take on a smartwatch with its round face, the Galaxy Watch Active is a more compact version of the original. Simplicity is key with the watch body relatively featureless and the capability of opting for a sleek face, meaning it looks stylish with any outfit. The screen is slightly smaller than other competitors, but is bright and offers a full-color display. Even in direct sunlight, the AMOLED display holds up, a major plus for the region. Navigation is simple with your either swiping and tapping the screen, or making use of the two physical buttons at the side of the watch.

Focusing on fitness and wellness, the Galaxy Watch Active features a heart-shaped dashboard. Keeping track of calories burned, active minutes and stand time just takes a glance down at your watch face. Stressed? The watch measures the variances in your heart rate so it can actually tell you how anxious you are. Not leaving you to wallow in stress, it then suggests you undertake some breathing exercises to recentre yourself and relax. Also tracking sleep it offers information on the duration and REM as an example.

Starting at US200 or  AED/SA735 available here

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