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The All-Natural Body Oil Primed for Your Winter Skincare SOS

Courtesy of Lisa Parigi

A lightweight alternative to body lotion, oils ensure skin is hydrated and nourished in the face of winter’s harsh climes—and almost always come packaged in beautiful bottles. The brand new line Kimono, which specializes in all-natural fragrance oils, is no exception. Launched in Los Angeles by Lisa Parigi, entrepreneur and model (and Lionel Richie’s longtime partner), the first offering from the range, Verve, is crafted with a heady blend of essential oils. What’s more, the packaging is very Instagrammable. speaks to Parigi about launching Kimono, her favorite ways to use body oils, and gleans expert tips from her every day beauty routine.

What moment did you decide that you needed to launch a range of fragrance oils?
“I started off by developing a line of luxury candles with fragrances inspired by my favorite destinations. I always carry the candles with me when I travel to have the scent of something familiar. As I started traveling more, I wanted to create something that was more portable, so my Kimono fragrance oil line was a natural progression.”

Courtesy of Lisa Parigi

How did you go about launching Verve?
“I wanted to launch my line of fragrance oils to have the scent of something familiar with me no matter the location I’m in. First, I started with the ingredients. For ‘Verve’ I combined hints of safflower oil, lavender, bergamot, rosemary, and eucalyptus to instantly uplift. Next, I chose the packaging. It was very important to me that the bottles were minimal, sleek, and simply beautiful. All my production is done locally in California.”

In what different ways do you like to use the oil?
“I use the oil as a refresh throughout the day. It’s the perfect size to keep in your bag. With just a dab on the pulse points, I instantly feel awake. The oil is great to massage into your hair for an enticing yet subtle scent that lasts all day. The word “kimono” literally means a “thing to wear” so I designed the line to be worn daily like any other staple element in your wardrobe or beauty routine.”

Namecheck the beauty products we’d find lining your bathroom counter.
“Neutrogena makeup wipes; Moisturizer and Sunscreen by Lancer of Beverly Hills; Armani Defense Primer; Armani Luminous Silk Foundation; Tatcha dewy skin mist; Chanel Blush No. 21; SK-II Facial Mask, and Kimono.”

Courtesy of Lisa Parigi

What is your morning beauty and evening beauty routine?
“The first thing I do every morning is drink a glass of lemon water and cayenne pepper. I consider it to be a major part of my beauty routine. The most important part of my morning and evening beauty routines is hydration. Having clean and moisturized skin is by far the best thing you can do to keep your skin happy and healthy. I use La Mer cleansing foam and moisturizer by Lancer of Beverly Hills before I go to bed and as soon as I wake up.”

Do you hope to expand your range any time soon?
“Yes, Verve is just the first fragrance in the Kimono lineup. I am currently in the processes of launching a new fragrance oil that helps relieve stress. What I love most about my fragrance oil is that it is made with 100% all natural essential oils that are alcohol and paraben free. Each different combination of the natural oils serves a purpose. Verve was made to stimulate mental clarity and promote relaxation.”

Kimono is available from now and ships across the Middle East.

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