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The world of beauty is full of promises. The skin elixir to revitalize even the dullest of complexions. A red lipstick that is universally flattering. The fragrance that will enrapture anyone you breeze past. Some of these statements are true, with products great enough that they reach cult status. Here team Vogue Arabia shares their favorites that have been tried, tested, and repurchased again and again.
Alexandria Gouveia, Managing Editor

When it comes to makeup I’ve always been in the less is more camp. I prefer classic products that are simple to use but their results are anything but. Best advice? Invest in key staples for your makeup kit then build the rest of your collection depending on skin type, age, and the environment you live in.

Katie Trotter, Fashion Director

As I head into the latter half of my 30’s my focus has become more and more on skincare that works on cellular turnover. If you get your skin into good shape with the aid of gentle retinoids and acids, you will need less makeup, which looks much more appealing on slightly older skin.

Caterina Minthe, Features Director 

My beauty style is the one thing in my life that is entirely self-serving. I never apply a product and wonder how it will appear for others. My edit is deeply personal and my products are curated because I believe them to be of the highest quality and luxury for the benefit of myself, alone.

Nadine El Chaer, Arabic Editor

Beauty for me is when you are not obligated to cover your natural look with trendy products. Just highlighting your best features is more than enough to look beautiful.

Alexandra Venison, Beauty Editor

I believe beauty really starts from within. So instead of trying to pick just three beauty products, which for me is impossible, I’m going to share my wellbeing essentials. After all to achieve flawless skin and a base for your makeup you’ve got to drink water, not stress, and most importantly get enough sleep!

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